PR Agency Extends Full Legal Support Towards No-Fault Accident Victims


Portsmouth, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2015 --, a law firm having its office in Portsmouth, UK, recently started offering full legal support to those who have been injured in no-fault road, office or public place accidents. The legal experts working with the firm told the press that they are now offering full paperwork support, courtroom representation and specialized legal advice for victims of no-fault accidents. They added that they offer flexible payment modes for victims who had to spend a lot on treatment and rehabilitation as a result of the accidents they met on road, in office or in a public place.

When asked about the types of legal services that they are offering now, a spokesperson from said that they offer end-to-end legal services to the victims of no-fault accident victims. "We start with free consultation over the phone. We first measure the losses and damages as this helps us in fighting our client's corners. Moreover, there are certain eligibility preconditions for filing a compensation claim case in the UK. First off, the accident should have happened in last three years, generally. If the accident was a fault of the injured person, he may not be able to file a compensation claim case. These are just some of the things we take into consideration before taking up any case. In other words, we do not make tall promises", he said to the press here in Portsmouth.

Road traffic accidents and workplace accidents are quite common in Portsmouth, just like in any other UK city or county. The law firm insiders said that they also meet many clients every day who have become victims of medical negligence, which is a broad term for negligent acts of doctors, surgeons, healthcare assistants and midwives.

"The emotional pain and trauma are the biggest impacts of any accident. We aim to extend our complete legal services to anybody who seeks personal injury claim legal assistance. We have a high success record and we aim to serve many more innocent victims of accidents in the future", said a founder member and a very senior lawyer working with the firm since its inception.

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