Joe Bragg Helps Alabama Drivers Win Compensation


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Hundreds of serious vehicle accidents occur in Birmingham, Alabama every year. Many of these accidents result in devastating injuries or even deaths. Unfortunately, very few of these accident victims ever receive the full compensation they are owed.

That’s why more and more Birmingham drivers are choosing to hire lawyers who specialize in vehicle accidents. At, visitors can connect directly to many of these lawyers and learn why they provide such a valuable role to drivers in Birmingham and across the state of Alabama.

The website is designed to be easy for any driver to use. After being injured in a vehicle accident, drivers are encouraged to fill out the free form at and explain the basic details of the event along with their contact information. The site then searches through its database of attorneys to find one that is perfectly suited to the client’s case.

A spokesperson for explains why vehicle accident lawyers provide such a valuable service:

“In the days and weeks following an accident, victims may have to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills while also facing costly vehicle repairs. Insurance companies like to offer compensation packages that appear generous but actually only represent a fraction of the total damages incurred by the victim. A serious vehicle accident can leave victims with lifelong injuries from which they may never fully recover. With the help of a vehicle attorney, victims can earn the maximum possible amount of compensation from insurance companies.”

An accident lawyer in Birmingham can fight for compensation to cover all of the following costs:

- The cost of vehicle repairs and replacements
- The costs of emergency medical treatment and long-term rehabilitation
- Loss of income that occurred as a result of the accident

Since vehicle accidents often result in serious damage to sensitive parts of the body, like the spine and brain, the full costs of medical treatment might not be known until years into the future.
Birmingham vehicle accident lawyers work on behalf of the client to secure an adequate compensation package that will cover today’s medical costs and the anticipated medical costs in the future.

The end result is that Birmingham drivers save money:

“We encourage anybody injured in a vehicle accident as a result of another driver’s negligence to use our site to begin seeking compensation. In some cases, manufacturer’s defects or faulty repair work may have caused the accident. With the help of a good lawyer, any driver can win the compensation they are owed.”

About is an automobile accident attorney website that connects Birmingham, Alabama drivers with legal representation using a free online form. An accident attorney can help secure compensation for drivers following an accident. For more information, please visit: