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Acclaimed Academic Tutor by Day, Children's Author by Nightfall; Meet Dr. Kerlynn Christophe

Many globally-renowned authors attribute their success to life experiences, which they connect to their writing. In the case of Kerlynn Christophe, PhD, the link between her professional and writing careers could not be stronger. In fact, with a host of books already attributed to her name, Dr. Kerlynn Christophe is a children’s literary force with a promising future.


Cooper City, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Best-selling authors come from a variety of backgrounds. From John Steinbeck’s roots as a fruit picker to Stephen King’s long stint as a high school janitor, literary success does not require a thoroughbred path. However, in the case of one rising author, her professional experience is one key to her writing success, in addition to her utter passion for writing, a common link shared by many promising authors.

Meet Kerlynn Christophe, PhD; a highly-qualified academic tutor with a special focus on working with young children in many areas, including English, Language Arts, Grammar, Reading, and Writing. However, what many of her acquaintances are not aware of is that Dr. Christophe is also producing some of the finest new children’s literature to hit the market.

With four children’s books already gracing her growing bibliography and with an upcoming novel on the way, Dr. Christophe believes that both her professional and personal experiences are vital to inspiring her prose. “My professional life as an academic tutor certainly feeds into my writing,” says Dr. Christophe, who has a Doctorate Degree in Advanced Classroom Instruction. “I intertwine what I learn as a professional with what I experience personally to deliver a product that is well-rounded,” Dr. Christophe adds.

She continues by saying, “My writing goal is to provide reading experiences for children that are positive and genuine. Those reading experiences should provide meaningful connections as children read and link what they have read to their everyday lives. On an academic level, I want my audience to enjoy reading, while at the same time demonstrate fluency and comprehension. Whether the topic is serious or humorous, adventurous or courageous, I want children to pick up my books and look forward to reading more of them.”

With a host of engaging and compelling plots, the diverse nature of Dr. Christophe’s works impresses her critics.


A Mystical Dream Ride: Take an imaginative trip to a journey of make-believe, where creativity, mystery, exploration, and adventure, along with a touch of magic lead to endless discoveries.

My Inspiration (Volume One): For Alisa Maria Carter the day couldn't be any crazier as she experiences mishaps throughout the day that have this 4th grader looking for something to get her through it. Alisa finds her inspiration in a place one would least expect, only to discover that others share in her inspiration as well.

A New Arrival – Lillie Rose (Volume Two): The Carter Family is expecting, but not exactly in the traditional way. Alisa Maria Carter's family is adopting. As the family prepares for the new arrival of nine-year-old, Lillie Rose, Alisa makes it her mission to learn all she possibly can about Lillie. Before you know it, Alisa becomes a mini expert on Indonesia, the country where Lillie is coming from. Come and read this story about how a family welcomes an Indonesian orphan. Experience how the power of their love warms their hearts and unites their souls.

Zany Zoo Adventures with my Silverback Gorilla: After the loss of his father, the young boy in this enchanting story finds comfort by visiting the zoo. Although this tale is written in rhyme format, the content targets a slightly more mature audience. The young character in this story uses the silverback gorilla as the animal in which he bonds with, as it reminds him the most of his father. The silverback gorilla helps him with his grieving process, as he compares the gorilla to himself, by taking on the responsibility to care for his grandmother, his mother, his sister, and his baby brother, just as the gorilla is responsible for taking care of his own family.

While aiming to inspire creativity and learning in her young readers, Dr. Christophe also seeks the approval of their parents. “I want parents to look on the shelves for my books and know that each one provides their child with a positive and enriching experience. While my desire is that the children have a lot of fun reading my books, I also hope that their parents will be confident in knowing that their children are learning something significant along the way,” she adds.

With heaps of success at her hands, Dr. Christophe has plans to continue focusing on her writing career. In fact, she has recently announced that a number of new books are in the works. Fans of Dr. Christophe will need to sit tightly until further news is made official. However, in the meantime, Dr. Christophe’s existing titles are available on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/Vc5O9J

About Dr. Kerlynn Christophe
Dr. Kerlynn Christophe is an educator and author, whose goal is to capture readers by promoting learning through reading. Dr. Christophe believes that whether reading takes you on an adventure or teaches you a skill; whether you are reading for pleasure or for learning; or whether you are reading a children’s book, a novel, a magazine, a newspaper, or even a cookbook, JUST READ! In her spare time, Dr. Christophe enjoys reading, writing, going to the movies, spending time with loved ones, and starting new projects.