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Acclaimed Investor Website, PhilStockWorld.com, Empowers Novice Traders by Teaching Them NOT to Gamble or Follow Advice of Traditional 'Experts'

The website’s founder, Phil Davis, is committed to making option trading accessible and profitable by using his famed unconventional and non-stuffy approach. Through his fast-growing website and a new series of engaging videos, Davis is helping people from all walks of life make money by betting against people who are attempting to manipulate the markets.


Woodland Park, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- While millions avoid the profitable opportunity of option trading due to its perceived risk, the world’s fastest growing investor website has a radical new message to share – successful trading doesn’t have to be such a risky venture.

That’s the message from Phil Davis, Founder of PhilStockWorld.com; a revolutionary member’s trading website that is bringing a fun, socially-conscious and even light-hearted approach to the often misunderstood world of option trading.

“Our message to our members is simple; don’t follow the advice of the ‘pumpers and dumpers’ that dominate the online trading community. You should be betting against these people who are trying to manipulate the markets. There’s lower risk in this and, whatever each stock’s outcome, you’ll have made some extra money by selling risk on the stock.,” says Davis, who was once one of Seeking Alpha’s top contributors before a highly-publicized fall-out which saw him start a competing website.

Continuing, “We teach people how to do this every day through free content, exclusive member-only training materials and by having our team make themselves available to chat with members all day. PhilStockWorld caters to a diverse Membership, from long-term dividend investors to day traders, individuals who are looking to learn as well as hedge fund managers who want to learn new tricks.”

Davis’ passion for educating others has seen him make a number of high-profile appearances on television and in national publications. Now Mr Davis is teaming up with CNBC and Option Monster's Dr. Jon Najarian for a FREE on-line seminar on Tuesday, October 8th at 6pm EST where they intend to teach investors to BE THE HOUSE - Not the Gambler.

“We’ll be using this seminar to introduce a hedge fund strategy that is now available to the average investor through option trading and by selling risk premium to other traders. This very powerful system is simple to learn and our members have access to a series of new online investor videos that will teach them, among other things, how to make as much as 40% annual returns on their trades with greater consistency,” Davis adds.

Davis and his team find suitable trades and make them available to members each and every day. For example, on Thursday 3rd October, Davis called for shorting over 300,000 oil contracts at the NYMEX to punish the people who were pumping the price of oil higher to screw drivers over the weekend and, by the end of the session, Davis' side was up $300,767,000 - just 6 hours later!

PhilStockWorld.com plans to continue to dominate the online trading marketplace by educating rather than physically running funds. By motivating investors through their plain and simple approach, the team behind the website are poised to introduce hundreds of thousands of people to the profitability of option trading.

For more information, visit: http://www.philstockworld.com.

About Phil’sStockWorld
Phil’sStockWorld was founded by Phil Davis. It is a premium subscription service that teaches stock, options and futures trading, portfolio management skills and advanced income-producing strategies for investors. The mission is to educate investors and provide “High Finance for Real People – Fun and Profits.”

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