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Acclaimed Life Coach, JaLana Walsh, Urges Women to Confront Adversity with God's Word

JaLana Walsh’s own life events have proven that overcoming pain is no easy task. However, finding solace in God’s word, Walsh is on a mission to help millions of other women overcome their own struggles. With two compelling books and a purposeful speaking schedule, Walsh’s message is resonating with women across the country.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2013 -- JaLana Walsh’s early life brought unbearable pain in the form of sexual abuse and the loss of both parents to cancer. However, by putting her faith in God’s Word, Walsh has managed to empower thousands of women to overcome their own personal struggles and excel in their purpose.

After becoming an ordained Minister of the Gospel and founding the unique Living God’s Purpose ministry with her husband, Walsh has reached out to women from coast to coast and inspired them to overcome guilt, shame and unforgiveness.

Key to her work is two acclaimed books, each with a bold message for those willing to trust their faith.

Transparent: There was nothing extraordinary about that spring day that Jewel headed to meet with her therapist, Landra. After all, she had been meeting with Landra for quite some time; however, to Jewel’s surprise, Landra sets the stage for her to confront the very things that have kept her from experiencing the life God intended for her. Jewel’s story emerges from a mosaic of events over the course of her life. This woman, forced to face extraordinary circumstances, scratches and feels her way through a long inner captivity of guilt, shame and regret. This autobiographical novel is a testament of the power of the human spirit to overcome when it surrenders to God and wise counsel.

Princess Warrior: Grief stricken by the death of her mother, Deborah is filled with anger as she questions the sovereignty of God. A legacy of faith that's been passed down from Grandma Ruby could possibly come to an end if Deborah doesn't find healing soon. Deborah's life is turned upside down when she is taken to a cabin in the mountains to confront her pain. Her trip turns out to be much more than she expects when she comes face to face with God. Deborah’s life is transformed as she begins to see life from a different perspective. Deborah's journey leads her to true intimacy with Christ as she learns how to be the Princess Warrior God destined her to be.

“Learning to overcome the issues I faced and be a strong woman in the midst of adversity was a challenge. After my own healing I became acutely aware that many other women faced similar plights and deserved the same chance,” says Walsh.

Continuing, “My two books, put in narrative form, discuss many of the issues that woman deal with. My desire is to reach woman who struggle with guilt, shame and unforgiveness due to many of life's tough issues.”

As an experienced speaker and life coach, Walsh has wowed audiences across the country.

“JaLana you have the ability to convey your message in an honest and vulnerable way. You were such a great inspiration as you opened my eyes to the overcoming power of God's love. I especially found your message helpful in dealing with shame and unforgiveness. Your ministry blessed me tremendously!” says Keitha Diljohn, a recent attendee.

Michelle Johnson was equally as impressed, saying, “My soul was crying out...you know sometimes leaders need to be poured into? The Lord used you to help me remember who I am in Christ; the presence of God was tangible as you ministered which allowed me to experience a fresh touch from God. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you the way He does!”

With such a compelling message to spread, Walsh looks forward to connecting with thousands more women in the future.

For more information, visit: http://www.jalanawalsh.com

Book purchase link: http://amzn.to/ZdWMfc

About JaLana Walsh
JaLana Sheree' Walsh, an ordained Minister of the Gospel, is an inspirational speaker, a certified Christian counselor and life coach. Her unique ministry style combines creativity, honesty and vulnerability, rooted in her passion for God’s Word. JaLana and her husband Chadwick are co-founders of Living God’s Purpose ministries. They have three beautiful children, Andrew, Rachel and Christina and currently reside in Missouri.