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Acclaimed MaxScholar Educational Software Helps Students Show Remarkable Improvement in State Standardized Tests

Tests like the Regents in New York and FCAT in Florida have become stumbling blocks for many students struggling with reading comprehension, until using the new educational software MaxScholar.


Aventura, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- State standardized tests have been a big problem for some students especially those coming from certain cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, who have traditionally scored lower than their peers. Now there's real hope in this area with the interactive educational software MaxScholar showing real success in quickly helping students improve their reading comprehension skills and ultimately showing drastic improvements in state tests like the New York Regents and the FCAT in Florida.

“We know how important it can be to a student's future to score well on state standardized tests,” commented a spokesperson from the software company. “Our goal here at MaxScholar is to give every student an equal opportunity at success by helping them improve their reading comprehension and self-confidence to the level of their peers and beyond. That's exactly what we're seeing and we couldn't be happier.”

MaxScholar is a bundle of software that uses proven strategies and research methods to teach students how to read and improve important reading comprehension skills. It is being used successfully by diverse groups of students including those preparing for state standardized tests; ELL and ESL students; children with learning disabilities and those who are trying to close the learning gap with their peers.

Educators and families are giving enthusiastic feedback about the results of using the software to prepare for state tests.

Allen Cove, a teacher from New York, said, “My English class this year were able to use MaxScholar. These were students who had a number of challenges standing in the way of their doing well on the Regents. I knew from the start the software was a great choice and this was confirmed by how well everyone ended up doing. It really went far beyond what I thought we could achieve in such a short amount of time. This is the way forward in helping students struggling with reading and a invaluable tool for teachers and families.”

Doing well on state tests is now an achievable goal with the help of MaxScholar.

For more information on the software visit www.maxscholar.com or call 1-800-845-5640

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