Acclaimed Personal Trainer Reveals His Secret Scientific Tactics in New Book for Seniors


Frisco, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Frisco, Texas based, acclaimed Personal Trainer and first time author, Kevin Saint Clair, has announced the launch of his book, “A SUPER Home Exercise Book for Seniors.” The book reveals some of the methods he has used to teach people how to become stronger, and much faster than using conventional techniques. The books is expected to bring about tremendous positive change in the physical health and mobility of Seniors by introducing them to extremely effective methods of home exercise. Exercise which can be performed in their own home, to help them quickly strengthen their body and enhance mobility. Being touted as a first-class book on exercises for the aging, this book by Kevin Saint Clair is expected to emerge as a must-read for every senior and mature adult aiming to improve upon their physical health and overall quality of life.

The book, first of a three part series, has 62 pages, great pictures of each exercise and is currently available at:

"Life gets tougher for seniors because of the various physical limitations that age puts on their overall health and mobility. The problem worsens if they get used to a sedentary life, devoid of exercising." says Kevin Saint Clair, the author of the book. "The exercises and more importantly, the method of performing the exercises, showcased in my book can undoubtedly help reduce pain and weakness in the body of seniors, give them an unbelievably rapid improvement in strength and help them achieve greater movement and independence from others."The ebook version of “A SUPER Home Exercise Book for Seniors” is also available on here:

Having trained champion Athletes, Kevin Saint Clair, a professional personal trainer, has developed this unique exercise routine for seniors and mature adults. The book will help them strengthen all of the major muscle groups in their bodies. Perhaps, the most important fact about the book is that seniors can get fantastic results without having to purchase any exercise or fitness equipment.

"Having worked as a personal trainer, to a variety of people over the years, this has provided me with insights and specialized knowledge of how quickly a person can become stronger. I have focused on making sure that the exercises being showcased in my new book are indeed some of the most effective, but brief, exercise methods for the aging and that it delivers almost immediate results. Most people will get strength results in a matter of days, from what they learn in this book.” the author further elaborated.

The book offers a refreshingly practical approach and easy to follow exercises, and is expected to resonate with seniors, both men and women.

“Millions of Seniors are sitting at home or in assisted care facilities, on pain medication because they may not be aware that doing these exercises can help many of them develop more strength and less pain each day," speaking on the inspiration for his new book, the author says. "This is exactly what my book delivers, a definitive direction and hope to such seniors who aspire to break away from the shackles of pain and limited mobility that old age is infamous for. If my book is able to help even a single senior regain their physical independence, I’d deem it a great success! "

About Author Kevin Saint Clair
Kevin Saint Clair is an acclaimed Personal Trainer based in Frisco, Texas. He developed a passion for how the muscles of the human body function, as a teenager. In addition to spending many years traveling internationally, he has spent over 20 years studying the relationship between our muscles and the central nervous system.

Kevin has trained champion Athletes, designs strength training programs for sports teams and currently offers personal training services in and around Frisco, Texas.

Kevin enjoys helping to improve the quality-of-life of others, by applying his advanced exercise techniques in order to help them transform their bodies and to improve their functional strength & mobility.

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