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Acclaimed Psychotherapist Announces New Book, Poised to Help Millions Find Personal Joyfulness, Harmony and Intimacy

By utilizing just two simple skills, Jason B. Fischer, MA, LPC teaches that anyone can change themselves, their relationships and the world for the better. Self-designed by Fischer himself, his innovative philosophy reveals the true secrets to personal triumph.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- For nearly a decade Jason B. Fischer, MA, LPC has helped thousands of people achieve and realize their life aspirations. Boasting an impressive portfolio as a psychotherapist, clinic owner and formerly ordained Buddhist monk, many rely on his counsel and wisdom to guide their own lives. Now, following the original model he shares with clients, Fischer is about to unveil his teachings in his long-awaited book.

‘The Two Truths About Love: The Art & Wisdom of Extraordinary Relationships’ details a compelling and powerful philosophy that can lead anyone to achieve personal joyfulness, as well as lasting harmony and intimacy with others. Through the utilization of two simple skills (which Fischer is sharing for the first time), the book illuminates a unique and refreshing view of relationships that is readily accessible and applicable to readers.

“The revolutionary information that this book shares is simple yet profound. Readers discover what is at the true root of human suffering, how to take command of themselves and their lives, and how to apply this wisdom in practice toward the realization of their personal and interpersonal aspirations,” explains Fischer, who asserts that the ability to build extraordinary relationships forms the bedrock of potential in a myriad of life skills.

He continues, “The goal of this book is to begin changing the way the entire world views relationships and ends with my most honest hope: May you live an extraordinary life, and share that life with others.”

While not yet on general release, Fischer’s preview copies have returned with acclaimed praise. One reader commented, “The Two Truths About Love is easy and enjoyable to read - Jason's kindness and humor shine through the text - and the benefits are immediate and powerful,” she said.

The book’s assigned editor, Jasmine Star, was so inspired upon first reading the work that she wrote the author immediately. “Your book is fantastic. Of the countless books I've worked on over the last decade, I think it might be the one most helpful to me personally overall.”

Days later, she wrote again. “The book is genuinely remarkable. I find that I'm already able to implement some of this, and that it does make a difference--and this is after very little time, and without a great deal of conscious effort or struggle to remember to implement it. I could feel a little forlorn: Where has this book been all my life! But the book is so effective that instead say, ‘I'm so excited that this book can inform the rest of my life.’”

Contributions to the book were also made by Sabrina Kindell, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, a noted Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage/Family Therapist who compliments the information provided by the author.
The book’s content was devised following thousands of hours of face-to-face counselling sessions with real-world clients; something Fischer believes gives his methods stark credibility.

“My philosophy wasn’t just created and committed to paper. I have been teaching these techniques to my clients, and witnessing the astounding results, for a long time. I don’t claim this information is life-changing; I know that it is, because I have seen it for myself over and over again,” he concludes.

‘The Two Truths About Love: The Art & Wisdom of Extraordinary Relationships’, published by New Harbinger Publications, will be released on January 2nd 2013.

For more information, please visit the publisher’s official website: http://www.newharbinger.com/

More information about the author can be found at: http://www.jasonbfischer.com/

About the Author: Jason B. Fischer
Jason B. Fischer is a licensed psychotherapist who has a thriving counseling practice in Austin, Texas. He is the clinical director and owner of Plumeria Counseling Center, a facility comprised of over thirty mental health professionals, which he opened in October 2009.

His personal theories of counseling psychology are bolstered by a lifelong study of Eastern thought and religion. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from Wesleyan University in 1993, Mr. Fischer traveled extensively throughout Asia and the United States studying Buddhism and meditation at such locations as Ajahn Chah’s Wat Nanachat in Thailand, Henepola Gunaratana’s Bhavana Society in West Virginia, and Shunryu Suzuki Roshi’s San Francisco Zen Center. He additionally spent an intensive period of time as a fully-ordained Theravadin Buddhist monk, before reentering conventional society to “walk the middle path”.

Jason B. Fischer is the author of “108 Beads: Poems On The Way” (self-published, 2009). His plans for future books include Sun Tzu & The Art of Love, The Permission Principle, and 52 Virtues: Guidance for a Year of Self-Cultivation, which he is currently in the process of completing.