Acclaimed Writer Sets Sales Goal of 1 Million Books, to Aid Mexican Orphans.

Jimmy D. Brown had a life-changing experience following a mission trip to a children’s home in Mexico. Now, he is urging Americans to give up the price of a gallon of gas – to help him change the lives of Mexican orphans.


Jonesboro, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2012 -- Topping the New York Times Best Sellers list is sure to put a chunk of cash in the back pocket of any author. One business writer aims to mirror the same success in the world of eBooks, but with one difference – he’ll bypass his back pocket and use the money to improve the lives of Mexican orphans.

Jimmy D. Brown had a hugely successful career as a business writer. With a stable income and supportive family, he decided to give something back by participating in a mission trip to Mexico.

“I was invited to join others in serving for a week at the Rio Bravo Children’s Home in Reynosa, Mexico” says Jimmy. He continues “It’s a very violent city and I found the children’s home to be a refuge for orphans who would otherwise be on the streets. It was immediately obvious that this was a huge financial undertaking. Providing food, clothing and shelter for 70 orphans isn’t cheap. When I found out they were underfunded, I knew I had to do something to help” says Jimmy.

Using the initiative and spirit he gained as a writer, Jimmy set to work. By raising money, sponsoring children and running the Chicago Marathon for this charity, Jimmy was already clocking up thousands of dollars for his cause. However, he knew there was still more that could be done.

“I wanted to find a way to put my writing skills to profitable use for the children’s home. While it sounded like a daunting challenge, I decided to try selling a million copies of a new $3 ebook, and give 50% of the proceeds to the orphanage” he adds.

Finish Line Faith: How to Reach Your Goals became the vehicle for Jimmy’s million-sale goal. Combining inspirational stories from Jimmy’s life, along with a seven step universal system for attaining goals, the book has been received positively by all who have purchased it.

Jimmy now remains focussed on pushing sales to reach one million. So far, he is impressed with the momentum:

“Initial sales were strong but we still need more people to act! It’s just $3 – or one gallon of gas – and aside from improving your own life by purchasing the ebook, you’ll be directly improving the lives of disadvantaged children in Mexico” Jimmy concludes.

It just goes to show – determination and drive can power change, one eBook sale at a time.

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