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According to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown, Plumbing "Tips" Can Be Harmful


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2016 -- Those who have been flocked with old wives tales suggesting plumbing "tips" for their particular situation should be wary of the advice and always check their facts first. Not doing so can actually be more detrimental, making the situation worse. Do-it-at-home handymen and handywomen should resist the urge to listen to these myths that have been passed down from generation to generation through various families, and instead, call and confirm with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown right away to avoid causing more harm to their plumbing.

One of the many "tips" that have proven to cause more harm than good is the idea that when a toilet is clogged, it should be plunged. Not always. Depending on what exactly is the cause of the clog, some situations call for a different approach. If reaching for a plunger is the first reaction, it is best to pause and get a handle on the situation first before blindly acting. Professional plumbers, like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown, can be called to assess the situation of the clogged toilet, determining whether a plunger is the best solution. If there are children in the house, the item clogging the toilet could be anything, and plunging it can often push it further into the pipe.

It is necessary to avoid harmful situations by not acting on reflex or relying on plumbing "tips" for a solution. Word-of-mouth can be helpful in some scenarios, but it can also worsen the problem. Please contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown to flush out the problem and take care of any questions by calling: 267-202-0647. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Levittown also handles water heater installation in Levittown and hot water heater repairs in Levittown.

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