According to SAESE, the Pensions of Italian VIPs Are Too Low

VIP Pensions too low putting several million teachers at risk of poverty during retirement.


Sicily, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2021 -- SAESE, a Registered European Trade Union continues to fight for teacher's rights after the European Committee of Social Rights declared the compliant inadmissible on 20th October 2020. The complaint that the VIP pensions were too low was registered on 25th November 2019; with regards to Article 30 (the right to protection against poverty and social exclusion) of the Revised European Social Charter. SEASE alleges that the successive pension reforms that were undergoing amendments have contributed to a significant level in pensions thereby putting millions of precarious teachers at the risk of poverty during their retirement. In addition to the above compliant, SAESE also alleges that there is a lack of comprehensive and a coordinated approach in Article 30.

This initiative by SAESE focuses on protecting the social security rights of the school staff; and establishing themselves as the Pensioners Federation considered that SAESE is the first in Italy to have raised a complaint against the Government in order to obtain a decent standard of living for the Italian VIPs right from the start of retirement. The Government has decided to declare the collective complaint inadmissible not due to the allegations made but due to the trivial reason that SAESE is not an official representative. Upon further inquiry, it was stated that the complaint was inadmissible because SAESE hasn't mentioned the number of members involved in filing the same. SAESE will continue to fight for the rights and aims at protecting the interests of the teachers, administrative, technical and auxiliary staff in service in Italian Schools.

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SAESE is an Italian based online European trade union formed to provide trade union advice and assistance. SAESE is also the only union which has called a 24 Hour strike not once but three times to obtain an anti-bullying law to protect all the school staff.

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