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According to Survey, Singapore Is One Top Asian Country for Safety and Quality of Living


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Many of the people residing in Singapore, whether true-blue locals, expatriates, or tourists will agree - Singapore is the best place to live in the world. And that's not simply based on opinion. According to recent studies, there are reasons why Singapore residents all tend to lean towards that direction.

A recent survey conducted in 450 places around the globe evaluated a number of factors to assess the quality of living expatriates had in these specific locations. Some of the factors were climate, health services, and housing. Osaka and Nagoya, both Japanese cities, garnered the second and third spots in the ranking. Singapore, however, outshone everyone else and topped the list.

According to specialists and experts, the reason why Singapore is highly regarded by thousands of expatriates is because of its intelligent infrastructure, good air quality, availability of dental and medical facilities, low crime rate, and few health risks. What's more, all the positive reviews the city-state has obtained from hundreds of trusted entities, both foreign and local, have attracted international investors to take a slice of the benefits. This is why Singapore has also been dubbed the Gateway to Asia, as it is the country of choice for many foreign investors.

Many other locations that were previously seen as ideal places for expatriates have lost their luster and have begun to fade in comparison to Singapore. Malaysia, for example, was ranked 62nd on the United Nations' list of best countries to live in the world, however paled in comparison to Singapore, which ranked 11th.

Individuals don't have to look into the numbers to find out that Singapore is an ideal place to live. Locals and expats who walk the streets can feel the ease, the light breeze, and the convenience that trickles down from the herculean efforts of the people at the top of the ranks. The mornings are usually laid back – an ideal time for residents to hit the trendiest shopping malls and retail centres scattered throughout the city. There are also numerous attractions such as a gigantic ferris wheel, a cable car ride overlooking the entire city, and a near-by Universal Studios amusement park where individuals can enjoy the warm weather.

The night life is also something to behold. When the sun goes down and the horizon pushes away the last remnants of light, this urban city-state becomes a light of its own. Hot clubs, bars, pubs, and party spots all start to shine their brightness on residents. The energetic night life has residents hooked, and is also an ideal venue to rub elbows with many of the workers, employees, and business men and women that make city life as lively as it is.

When it comes to quality of living, numeric measures are all well and good, but the true feeling of having a good life can only be found on the streets. If people who walk the sidewalks can say that life is good, then it really must be an ideal place to live.

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