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According to the Website Globalish, Exotic International Travel Is Within the Grasp of All


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2012 -- Everyone dreams about a trip around the world. Of course, no one dreams about the planning and effort it takes to make sure that the trip goes well! Many travelers have been waiting for a website where they could find tips on planning their international travel. Now, there is a website which is doing just that.

At Globalish, adventure-seekers will find all the travel tips they need to make sure that their trips go off without a hitch. Not only will they find general travel tips like “How Do Round the World Tickets Work?” and “How to Travel With Your Dog,” they will also find reviews of specific destinations. According to Globalish, around-the-world travel is becoming more common:

“Imagine a getaway that encompasses several destinations in various countries around the world all in one long vacation holiday! This was once an adventure most people could only dream of undertaking, and they were lucky if they could do this once in a lifetime. But with a trend of round the world flights growing and an increasing number of airline alliances promoting this trend, a vacation around the world is not at all as far reaching for the average person as it once was.”

Those who want to join in on this growing travel trend will find all the information they need at the Globalish website. Globalish has got every continent covered, and readers can discover awe-inspiring locales in countries such as Thailand, China, Cambodia, Australia, Turkey, Germany and Canada, just to name a few. The reviews include fully illustrated guides to the most interesting and most beautiful spots in the world. Readers will also learn where and what they should eat in each city.

The Globalish blog allows readers to learn about exotic parts of the world without leaving the comfort of their living room, so the website is a must-see for both travelers and dreamers alike. One of the best parts about Globalish is the fact that it is interactive. Readers can leave comments on each blog entry. This enables travelers and locals from all over the world to share their own tips and knowledge about exotic locations.

There is also a travel forum where participants can ask questions, meet other travelers and trade stories. Conversations are going on right now about all the different adventures to be had at various destinations. Eager travelers can subscribe to Globalish’s RRS feed in order to receive regular updates with the latest travel tips and exciting reviews.

About Globalish
Globalish is a travel blog and website recently started by a husband and wife duo of "digital nomads." In the last 12 months alone, the creators of Globalish have spent time in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Korea. Now, they have begun to share their international travel tips and exotic reviews.

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