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Accorr Hotels Tackle Food Waste Problem


Bradford, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2016 -- One of Britain's top hotel chains which include the renowned Ibis, Pullman and Novotel groups is addressing the issue of food waste and has set a healthy goal to reduce waste by a whopping 30% by creating vegetable gardens at its numerous venues. Restaurants at the hotel will be required to assess and address wastage by recording and weighing food to be discarded in a bid to determine exactly how much goes to waste each year.

The Accorr Group plan to be supportive of urban agriculture by creating 1,000 vegetable gardens across the hotel sites by 2020 .The UN's Food and Agricultural Organization estimates that up to one third of all food produced is being wasted and implies there is ample room for improvement in terms of reducing waste whilst additionally tackling world poverty and reducing the carbon footprint of mass production and transportation. Accor Hotels claim to have vastly reduced water and energy consumption in previous environmental plans and in the news plans aim to make even more cuts.

A spokesperson for Leeds Hydro Store said "It's incredible to see a large chain like Accor Hotels tacking the problem of food waste seriously and tackling it in such an innovative fashion. We can only hope that more hotel chains and indeed other companies follow the same approach to ensure the sustainability of sources for future generation."

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