Accountable Capital Corp. Will Get Capital Into the Hands of Small Business Owners


Naples, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Accountable Capital Corp. is online and offering small business owners a way to get capital funding in this difficult economy. The owners of the company are experienced in providing capital funding and understand that even if a business is successful, there are times when that business needs additional funds. They founded their company and its website to let businesses know that even after the bank has turned them down and government options have run dry there is a solution to funding. That solution is Accountable Capital.

Accountable Capital works fast and in most cases businesses are eligible for up to $750,000 and the process can be as short as 72 hours. Accountable Capital is one of the largest and fastest providers of financing in the country and already many businesses have found working with the company very valuable and in many cases the lifeline that they needed to keep operating.

The process of getting funding through Accountable Capital is quite simple. The company offers business cash advances as an alternative to a traditional loans and the firm has built a reputation of knowing how to get funding even after traditional banks have denied a small business loan. The process of working with Accountable Capital involves no application fee and the loans can usually be approved in less than 24 hours with no upfront costs. The company even works with businesses with less than stellar credit understanding that circumstances occur that make it difficult to operate a business in the current economic environment.

The Accountable Capital website is the portal through which potential borrowers can fill out a simple application and get the process started. When a prospective borrower begins the application process they have several options to choose from:

Working Capital Loan – The Accountable Capital working capital loan is a business cash advance that gets money into the hands of a small business owner quickly. The advance is electronically transferred without a collateral requirement and without the confines of a strict repayment plan. This loan is directly tied to a firm’s sales so in slower months the payments are less.

AAA Credit Program – For those with AAA credit Accountable Capital has loans starting with a factor rate of 1.1% with no personal guarantees or collateral. All a business needs to qualify is a 2 year record of operation and a $1,000 average daily bank balance.

AA Credit Program – For those with AA credit this is the plan that gets cash quickly and loan rates start at 1.25% with minimal paper work.

Starter Program – For those with less than perfect credit Accountable Capital offers the starter program that has seen loans approved for businesses with a FICO score below 500 and with only 2 months of operation.

Accountable Capital also specializes in loans to franchisees and physicians offices who are finding it increasingly hard to get funding through a traditional bank loan. These types of businesses are in constant need of short term funding and they are finding Accountable Capital to be the go-to source for funding.

Those interested in learning more about the Accountable Capital Corp. can visit the company’s website or call 1.888.745.1114.