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Accountants Can Now Focus on Their Business Without Worrying About Lead Generation

Drake Digital Marketing Agency says they can get high-quality leads for their accountant clients.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2017 -- The news that Drake Digital Marketing Agency is offering accountant marketing services may excite accountants who struggle to get leads. The company draws attention to the fact that a number of accountants waste their time and money and put their efforts in vain. They are a disappointed lot because they are not able to succeed in their accountant lead generation efforts. It is in this context they are rendering high quality accountant marketing services that can get these accountant clients the results they desire to have, says the company.

The company takes pride in adding that after making focused efforts for 12 years, they have created a proven accountant lead generation system that virtually guarantees their accountant clients 4 to 6 high-quality leads every week. Those clients who want to utilize their services can get in touch with them for scheduling a free consultation so discussions can be held for generating high-quality leads.

During the free consultation, their accountant clients will discover that the solution they are offered is a consummate lead generation system.

Drake Digital Marketing Agency adds that their landing pages generate between 4 times and 52 times more leads than most of the CPA Accountant website designs. Accountant clients who utilize their services will be able to start generating new leads more quickly than they expect, assures the company.

Similarly, accountant clients who opt for the services they render will get a higher ROI with their campaigns than what they can get from any other type of CPA Accountant marketing, assertively says the company. They assure their clients that their landing pages will be "responsive" and will look perfect on any device including on mobiles.

Drake Digital Marketing Agency points out that there is stiff competition in every field and hence, accountants also face the heat of competition. But if these accountants utilize their services, they can beat their competitors. This means customers searching for accountants will find them instead of their competitors, assures the company.

Accountant clients who seek their services can be certain that the solution they get will work for the long haul, says the company. They point out at the fact that Internet searches are growing at a very rapid pace, and will continue to grow for a long time.

Drake Digital Marketing Agency proudly says that they are exclusive because they work only with accountants in every market and in every city. Once accountants entrust their marketing tasks to them, they need not make any effort because they handle everything. This means these clients can just carry on with their business without worrying about marketing their services or generating leads.

Finally, Drake Digital Marketing Agency emphatically says that they are capable of producing incredible results for their accountant clients.

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Drake Digital Marketing Agency is offering accountant marketing services that can get their accountant clients very good leads. Once these clients entrust their marketing tasks to the company, they can relax and carry on with their business without any worry about lead generation.

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