Newly-Launched Website Offers Help, Advice to Those Seeking a Career in Accounting


Zurich, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2011 -- Choosing a job in the field of accounting can be a solid career move; being a certified public accountant or general accountant typically involves doing interesting work, earning good pay, and enjoying a reasonably high level of job security.

But how does one actually go about becoming an accountant? Where can people go to earn their CPA license and begin working in their new field of employment? Are online accounting degree programs available?

Online Accounting Info is a newly-launched website with one mission: helping to educate those who wish to begin a new career as an accountant by providing them with the information they need to get started on their goals.

“We are aiming to provide information to everyone seeking a career in accounting, information about becoming a CPA and more,” said company spokesperson Shane Melaugh.

Using the website to find information detailing how to become an accountant is easy. On the main page there is an introductory short video that offers advice and tips for those wishing to embark on this new career.

The main page also features transcripts of other videos on finance courses and how to become an accountant.

On the upper right hand side of the main page there are links to additional comprehensive and informative articles that go into more detail about certain aspects of studying to become an accountant.

For example, in the article titled “What One Should Know About Accounting Courses, Degrees and Job Opportunities” the author acknowledged that most people who are interested in this field of work already possess an aptitude for numbers and computer skills.

The article also has a subsection titled “CPA Requirements” that detailed the certification needed to do this line of work.

“Besides earning 150 credits of study in order to apply for certification, other specifications for certification include completion of a bachelor’s degree and completion of a minimum number of courses in both accounting and business,” the article explained.

“It is recommended that individuals take the exam for certification shortly after meeting the academic requirements,” the author continued. “Much of the information on the exam will coincide with the information you have studied. Therefore, it will benefit you to do your testing while you still have a good recollection of what you have studied.”

Other articles give an overview of the online accounting degree and the requirements for obtaining a CPA license.

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