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AccuDraft Paintbooth Explains Spray Booth Exhaust Fan Debate


Randolph, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- The Spray Booth Exhaust Fan has many short and long-term benefits to offer. The different kinds of fans are used for various purposes, which is why individuals need to conduct a thorough and adequate amount of research of them. For instance, the forward curve and backward inclined fan have multiple purposes that tend to differ in some ways from each other. The former fan is sued in the intake and supply of a Paintbooth whereas the latter is used to handle the paint overspray in the air at a heavy pressure.

The forward fan is mainly the air supply whereas the backward one tends to act as an exhaust for the entire system. When it comes to the important matter of discussing the typical setups of these systems, the belt driven pain booths are the ones which are provided by the manufacturers with an inclined fan for exhaust as well as a forward fan for the intake purposes. The backward fan can also be used as an intake; however, the method is not usually adopted by most manufacturers these days. AccuDraft is one of the most recognized and highly famous manufacturers of paintbooths of all kinds of the utmost convenience of people from all across the globe.

These actually can be used for automotive & trucks, along with many other industrial purposes, making them highly useful at all times. A wide range of new ones have been featured on the official website of AccuDraft for all those who are interested in investing in for good. has recently managed to answer all there is regarding the painting booth exhaust debate for all those individuals who wanted to know detailed information about the matter.

The site must be visited at the earliest convenience as it holds the answers to the questions of many individuals who wish to know about the exhaust fans on the paint booths. The main differences between the exhaust fans of belt drive and direct drive paint booths lies in their sizes, static pressure, serviceability, longevity as well as the sound. The major differences have been pointed out in a way that is easy to comprehend by individuals who are interested in the topic.

Individuals are recommended to weight the advantages and the disadvantages of both systems in order to see which one they want or prefer more in the near future. The research that has been featured on the site is exceptionally sufficient for individuals who are planning on getting new or used paint booths for sale.

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