Recently Published Study & New Book Reveal World's Most Accurate Lie Detector


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- A recently published 18-year scientific study and an extensively researched non-fiction book have identified the world’s most accurate technology for determining truth and deception as the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA®), which has replaced the old polygraph as the most widely used truth verification instrument by US law enforcement agencies.

The CVSA is the only Voice Stress Analyzer in the world with two US Patents, and is the only truth verification system in the world to incorporate the FACT® scoring system, which uses scientifically validated processes to reliably and precisely evaluate the results of CVSA examinations. The CVSA is now used by close to 2,000 agencies, and according to industry experts is by far the most reliable and best performing credibility assessment technology available in the world.

Supporting these claims is a recently published research study in the 2012 annual edition of the scientific journal Criminalistics and Court Expertise, which reports the accuracy rate of the CVSA is greater than 96% – far exceeding the accuracy rates of all other credibility assessment technologies including the outdated polygraph, which continues to be used by some federal agencies despite its well-publicized failures and high error rates. The study, conducted by Professor James Chapman and Neuroscientist Marigo Stathis, found that the CVSA, when used as an investigative tool, can accurately predict whether a person under investigation is being truthful or deceptive at a rate far greater than any other technology available today.

Additionally, a newly released book by author and investigative journalist Bob McCarty, THE CLAPPER MEMO, details the decades’ long failure of the US government-backed polygraph program, which is managed by a handful of insiders and supported by a well-funded “pro-polygraph” lobby. The book chronicles the turf-war between polygraph loyalist and the newer CVSA; and exposes the length to which members of the US polygraph establishment have gone in a failed attempt to maintain total control over truth verification operations within the US. Bob McCarty spent four years investigating the motivations behind the US government’s “polygraph only” policies and concluded the US government’s faith in the polygraph is misguided, and has played a central role in the unnecessary deaths and wounding of US military members in Afghanistan and elsewhere. McCarty’s conclusions are backed by high-ranking former US military and US government officials, several of whom gave prominent endorsements to his book.

According to Commander Ivan Ortega, Director of International Relations for the NACVSA “The ease of operation, low cost, short training periods and an extremely low error rate make the CVSA well suited for both criminal investigations and security screening applications. Additionally, interviews with the CVSA typically result in a much higher confession rate by guilty subjects, since the system is capable of precisely identifying specific issues to be followed up by investigators. And, the skills required to become an effective CVSA Examiner are taught in a one-week course. With such benefits, it is clear why the CVSA has become the credibility assessment tool of choice by investigative professionals worldwide.”

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