Accutrition Offering Multivitamins & Supplements to Active Seniors This Fall


Medford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Accutrition is a website that provides nutritional consulting to a wide variety of people. It also offers multivitamins and supplements for people of all ages and walks of life. Now, they are offering supplements and multivitamins for seniors that are still physically and socially active. The supplements available on Accutrition’s website ensures that the elderly will be able to live as full a life as possible, without letting lack of certain daily nutrients slow them down.

Accutrition sells Rainbow Light’s “Active Senior Multivitamin.” With just one tablet a day, active adults will see improvement in their general health. The multivitamin will enhance brain, heart, bone, joint and eye health, as well as increase energy, which becomes more important as people get older. The supplement contains no gluten. Likewise, the product is free of sugar, lactose, yeast and artificial colors and flavors. The product is 100% natural, and the enzymes and probiotics ease digestion.

Additionally, Accutrition carries the DaVinci Labs Spectra ™ Senior multivitamin/mineral supplement. This advanced multiple contains 60 carefully selected nutrients. There are many nutrients exclusively contained within this supplement. They include Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoc Acid, Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo Biloba, Lycopene, Bilberry Extract, Octacosanol and more.

Prospective customers looking down their later years may also want to reinforce their eyes and nervous systems. For this, Accutrition has the Jarrow Formulas MAX DHA, a supplement containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids highly concentrated by molecular distillation of calamari oil. This supplement is high in DHA, which is important for neurological function and memory. DHA is also important for the development of nervous systems in fetuses and infants.

Accutrition offers products that are safe to take with most prescription medications. However, one should always consult their primary care physician before adding any kind of supplements to their regimen. Visit Accutrition today to buy neuroscience supplements and to explore their wide variety of natural nutritional supplements. Individuals seeking more information on Accutrition can sign up for an informative newsletter on their website, or call them at 1.800.608.0803.

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Accutrition is dedicated to sorting out the mixed health messages present in today’s culture. They sell supplements online to help their clients maintain optimum health and wellness in today’s stress-filled world. Accutrition is the online destination for people who are serious about reaching their nutritional goals.

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