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Ace Glass Windshield Repair Experts Talk WindShield Significance and the Most Common Causes of Damage


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- Ace Glass Windshield and Auto Glass Repair Company is a family owned and operated company that serves the Richmond, Chesterfield, West End, Glen Allen & Shortpump, Mechanicsville, Ashland, Powhatan, and Goochland areas. The company has a commitment towards the provision of high quality, quick and affordable windshield repairs and replacement. Recently the experts at the company talked about the importance of windshields in auto and driver safety, and the most common causes of breakage and smashes of windshields.

The windshield plays an important role in protecting the driver and the people in the car as a windshield provides up to 35% of a vehicle's structural strength. To avoid compromising the driver and the passenger's safety the windshield should be kept chip and crack free, therefore such problems need inspection and repair or a complete replacement at once.

Auto glass repair experts at Ace glass said: "Here at Ace Glass we know that windshields are one of the most exposed parts of a vehicle, are fragile and hence are more prone to damage. But the fact is that most damage caused to the windshield is not from road related accidents, so it is good to take note of a few factors to try and prevent the unforeseeable."

The most common reasons that could cause a windshield to break or smash include rock chips, vandalism and structural weaknesses. The most common cause Rock chips are also easily repairable; experts say that most cases of rock chip windshield repairs are repairable. Car owners should get small chip and crack repairs done as soon as possible as such repairs are much more cost effective than the replacement of an entire windshield. To avoid sustaining the hefty price of a windshield replacement, contacting a professional windshield replacement and repair company such as Ace Glass can provide a quick and convenient repair service. A windshield chip repair will also improve the optical clarity of the damaged area, and make the windshield blemish free, making it virtually good as new.

Ace Glass offer online glass quotes and in shop and mobile services for the convenience of their customers.

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Ace Glass has been providing windshield auto glass repair and replacement, commercial and home glass repair & installation services the Richmond area since 1996. Their work comes with a lifetime warranty for workmanship and no leaks. Ace Glass is a family owned and operated, committed to providing customers the best experience during a repair or installation process.

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