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Ace Solves It All Advises Customers on Water Damage Clean Up


Kissimmee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2019 -- With hurricane season at the doorstep, some, if not all, people will suffer from water damage, whether from severe weather or post-hurricane plumbing problems. The damage left behind can either be manageable by homeowners, or extensive enough to require professional help. Ace Solves It All is making their 24-hour plumbing services available in Seminole County, FL. and surrounding areas to those who need immediate assistance.

The three main types of water damage are categorized into clean water, greywater, and blackwater. Clean water is the first and least harmful of the categories. This is usually caused by leakages in defective home devices, as well as rainwater. Homeowners can easily clean this up without professional help if they wish, but must do so before infestation sets in. Once the water is contaminated, it turns into category two greywater.

Greywater is dirty water that is contaminated by pathogens and deemed unsafe with repeated exposure. Severe weather factors, such as hurricanes, can cause this type of water damage. As long as customers take the appropriate precautions before their cleaning process, such as wearing protective gear so as not to come in contact with the water, they can also remedy this situation without professional help (though it is not advised). Greywater must be entirely removed before it turns into category three, blackwater.

Blackwater is the most dangerous of water damages as it is contaminated with toxic pathogens, human waste, and harmful chemicals. Most sewage problems could cause some blackwater surge, as well as large-scale floodings. People who suspect blackwater contamination in their homes are advised to call a professional immediately, as it is unsafe for the general public to handle this type of water damage without the proper safety equipment.

All those who are affected by water damage during hurricane season are cautioned to tread carefully and encouraged to call Ace Solves It All for any and all needs. From clogged drains to garbage disposal replacement in Sanford, FL, Ace Solves It All can do it all.

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