Josh Chang

Achieve 80% Winning Trades with BigTrends' Iron Condor Strategy


Lexington, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- Price Headley and his team of analysts at spent over a year engaged in statistical analysis and rigorous testing to find the safest strategy to garner healthy and consistent returns from Weekly Options..

And using a proprietary formula including the CBOE Volatility Index, Historical Volatility, Implied Volatility, Bollinger Bands, Acceleration Bands and Exponential Moving Averages, they’ve done it.

It’s an Iron Condor strategy named Rapid Options Income (ROI) and is based on an option trading strategy that targets gains of 15% to 45%. Not only this, but this service has an expected winning rate of 80% and a short holding period of around 8 calendar days so that your assets are not tied up for too long.

Lexington, KY 9/25/2012- announces the public release of ROI for steady trading income with an expected success rate of 80%.

About BigTrends provides information, education and software for Options Traders of all experience levels. In addition to the free BigTrends Insider information provided on the company's website, users can also subscribe to the Iron Condor service named Rapid Options Income (ROI) to receive trade alerts, newsletters and analysis. This highly successful newsletter supplies subscribers with a wealth of knowledge and winning trades to consistently grow wealth in a low-risk strategy.

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