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Achievement Accelerator Review Digs in to Brendon Burchards New Personal Growth Training Course


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Zealous Influence has just released their review of The Achievement Accelerator by NYT #1 bestselling author and leading high performance trainer Brendon Burchard. The new course is being touted as a roadmap to achieve greater success, wealth and performance in life.

Achievement Accelerator has just been launched by Brendon Burchard, one of the leading personal development trainers in today’s world who touts over 1,990,000 fans on Facebook. He created this new course to help any individual rise to their potential and become their best version of themselves.

The Achievement Accelerator review which was just released by Zealous Influence was performed by their CEO Zeal Caiden. Zeal was quick to personally vouch for Brendon’s trainings saying that they helped him achieve success at a young age. He goes on to mention many of Brendon’s credentials and offers the insight that Brendon is head and shoulders above many in the “guru” industry for two simple reasons: he truly lives his message, and his content is tactically superior.

Brendon Burchard believes in the power of the human spirit, and our will as humans to create a better life for ourselves and our families: to become more, have more, serve more, do more and achieve more. He is insistent in his new video that achievement is a learnable skill, and he believes —and even guarantees— that his new course will help his students learn the skill of achievement and get far greater results in their life, whatever level they may be at currently.

Burchard cites scientific reasons as to why some people constantly struggle and fail, while others achieve wild success.

In all of his studies, with top doctors and scientists, he has come to the conclusion that there are patterns of success that can be duplicated even by people who have never accomplished anything impactful in their life up until this point. The Achievement Accelerator is designed to enhance the students’ implementation of these skills and patterns, for the purpose of experiencing greater growth and achievement with great speed.

The Achievement Accelerator includes a five week long online course, a personal assessment, as well as ongoing supportive training for 12 months and a private community with Brendon and other students.

In addition to Brendon’s bonus of 2 live event tickets to his High Performance Academy LIVE ($1,000 value), Zealous Influence has “sweetened the pot” with their own bonus package of a free Paraliminal of the purchaser’s choosing, which you can learn more about at the links below.

Watch this video to watch the Zealous Influence review of The Achievement Accelerator, and also learn about their free bonus package: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2MWQYO9Qo4

To purchase the course directly visit this link.

Those looking to achieve more success, wealth and accomplishment in life should take a look at the Zealous Influence review and bonus of Brendon Burchard’s Achievement Accelerator by going here: http://zealousinfluence.com/achievement-accelerator-bonus-brendon-burchard/

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