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Achieving Fitness Without Competitive Pressure


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Many fitness activities are related to sports, and sporting events are directly related to competition. It’s a natural encouragement for people to compete with one another, but for those just starting a fitness program this can be detrimental. If success isn’t achieved at the same rate of their peers, a person can feel the pressure of competition and begin to think their performance inadequate. Eventually, they may just give up over not being able to meet an invisible standard they’ve set out to achieve.

The goal of an exercise regimen should be to encourage a person to be fit for all activities, regardless of whether they are sports related or not. This is the theory behind the CrossFit program. By focusing on short bursts of intense activity that required overall improvement of all fitness functionality, the program leads to increased confidence in participants without emphasizing any competition between two parties.

This is also the primary principle behind StoneFit, a program for orthopedic rehabilitation located in San Francisco. Their exercise regimen is to encourage persons experiencing injury to think of themselves as an athlete in training rather than a person in rehab. They use the injury as motivation to become fitter and stronger to both repair the damage and prevent further problems. Even if the patient’s only goal is to walk without pain, their focus at The Stone Clinic is on that one small goal rather than having the patient concern themselves with the progress of others.

When setting up a fitness program, if a competitive emphasis is not a motivator, a person should focus on the small goals they can achieve. Every person has a different fitness level and different capabilities. The goal of healthy living is to work within the person’s known boundaries to accomplish their personal goals, whether that is to simply run for five minutes straight, or lose 10 percent of their body weight. Personalized goals and focus take out the competition, leaving only room for focus on the small successes that are made every day a person becomes more active.

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