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Achieving Personal Fulfillment in Government Service, Daryl D. Green and Estraletta's Way


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- People working for the government tend to face a lot of difficulties in moving along with their respective careers. The problems that they are being subjected to, are quite a few and are affecting their productivity, self-esteem and efficiency at their workplace. Daryl D. Green and Estraletta A. Green have highlighted, in the second edition of their book, More than a Conqueror, numerous effective ways how the entire country’s recruits that work for the government can liberate themselves from the politics and red tape. It is a self-help book that is benefitting the government employees all over the country.

Providing the public servants with a renewed sense of direction and hope that they can survive Government Service successfully and fruitfully is what this book is all about. By following the advice and suggestions given in the book, Public servants are now being able to get a sense of gratification from their work in federal service which is improving their levels of efficiency and productivity. But most important of all, it is helping the workers bring up their self-esteem and have that feeling of a job well done quite easily. This is leading to higher levels of motivation and as a result, the employees are now being able to enjoy being in government service have now acquired a sense of belonging to a team.

This incredible and life-changing book is available just at the price of $1.75 which is quite affordable. It is available in E-book form as it has an Amazon Kindle Edition as well. The book also has different reference categories that help the reader in identifying the area where their individual problem lies.

Personal sense of fulfillment and achievement is no longer an alien feeling for public servants. Thanks to this amazing book, they can now free themselves of all the politics that go around in the workplace and revitalize themselves which will it easier for them to move forward in their respective careers with confidence. With a new and improved attitude and outlook, the personnel have absolutely nothing standing in their way in achieving fulfillment.

About Daryl D. Green and Estraletta Green
Daryl D. Green and Estraletta Green are one of the renowned authorities for GenXers that aims in helping working families get a better control of their lives. They are popular former columnists, who have been syndicated nationwide and who have been and still are, being noted and quoted in such sources as Associate Press, USA Today, BET, and Ebony Magazine.

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