Acid vs. Alkaline? Kitchen Supreme Releases Report to Help Pasta Lovers Have a Balanced Internal pH


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2016 -- A diet rich in unhealthy, strongly acid foods (meat, dairy products, bread) causes the accumulation of waste in the system. Once in the blood, the lymphatic system tries to clean them, but, being overworked, it stores the acid in the vital organs such as the heart, the pancreas, the liver, the colon and thus the diseases emerge. Plus, the acid offers a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and other microorganisms which cause damage to the glands and organs and disturb the cellular activities and functions.

A diet consisting mainly of alkaline food will reestablish the pH balance from acid to alkaline. This means that 80% of the daily food intake must be alkaline and only 20% of the products must be neutral or acid. Thus, the internal fluids are able to balance the pH and the acid will be eliminated. Only then the body will start to heal, to lose weight and to have an increased vitality level.

Pasta enthusiasts are able to change their eating habits with the Kitchen Supreme Spiralizer. Cooking with the spiralizer, they easily replace high-carb, acid producing pasta or noodles with healthy, alkaline, and colorful zoodles. In just a few seconds they create beautiful spirals from a great variety of vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, and squash.

"Whenever they make pasta with parmesan – an acid producing dish, they comfort themselves by balancing out the acid from cheese with spiralized cucumber or zucchini, to offset and balance out the pH factor."- Frank Williams, Co-Founder of Kitchen Supreme stated.

This nifty vegetable slicer can be easily put to good use by all customers. The veggie spiralizer is a professionally made tool, quickly making veggie pasta. With its sharp, stainless steel Japanese blades, this gadget works like a pencil sharpener. Furthermore, because only top materials are used, this product is BPA free so it will not pose any threats to your health. Even more so, this vegetable pasta maker encourages users to lead a healthy life. The Spiral Slicer has been designed to save as much time as possible. Creating veggie noodles is simple and fast and so is the cleaning process of the gadget. Together with the Spiralizer, in the same pack, customers will receive a ceramic peeler which will not brown foods or transfer a metallic taste or smell, a cleaning brush, a protective bag, and a recipe book.

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