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ACN Francais Gives Residents of France the Chance to Generate Additional Revenue


Bourcefranc-le-Chapus, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2012 -- Many people work full-time jobs but still do not have enough money to make ends meet. For these people, the opportunity to supplement their incomes would be a welcome addition to their lives.

Now, residents of France are talking about an exciting new business opportunity that is allowing them to gain financial freedom. This opportunity is being offered by a company called ACN Francais, and it has been generating a lot of attention among potential entrepreneurs and various media outlets. ACN was recently ranked 19th out of one hundred of the top direct-selling companies in the entire world, and visitors are discovering more about what this company has to offer at

The SVP Academy Team website explains more about this unique opportunity to generate extra revenue part-time and full-time:

“The company ACN offers a truly exceptional opportunity to everyone, male or female, whatever your ethnic or social origin, whatever your age. At selected time in the beginning, in parallel with your main activity, we are simply paid to increase the number of customers and therefore the turnover of the company through the "’ Marketing.’ACN, which distributes telephone services and broadband (in partnership with Virgin Media), save huge advertising budgets that it distributes to its distribution network.”

Visitors to the website can read all about the different products that they can help to market and distribute for ACN INC. These products include videoconference telephones, standard landline telephones and mobile phones. High-speed Internet, television services and energy services are also a part of ACN’s diverse product portfolio.

On the website, visitors can watch videos that show the business presentation of ACN Francais, giving them a better idea of what it would be like to join the ACN team. As a member of the ACN team, individuals are considered to be self-employed. However, they still receive full support and resources from ACN to ensure that their businesses run smoothly. Potential ACN entrepreneurs can learn more about their particular legal status on the website.

They can also see a schedule of ACN events, presentations and training that are taking place every day in various countries around the world, including France. There are over 80 events taking place in France during the month of July alone, and these events enable individuals from all walks of life to get to know the business opportunities that ACN offers.

ACN Francais is giving residents of France the chance to unleash their financial potential by joining the company’s distribution and marketing team.

About ACN Francais
ACN Francais is the leading business opportunity for French residents. It is the largest direct reseller of telecommunications equipment and the opportunity to gain a life of financial independence. ACN provides residents of France with opportunities to create a life full of financial freedom they are expanding rapidly.

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