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Acne Prevention Strategies Aims to Dispel Myths on Acne Treatments, Going to War with Cosmetics


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Acne affects a huge proportion of the world wide population and yet is almost completely invisible in the media, and when it is shown is generally represented as something to be gotten rid of. Though largely prevalent during teenage years, acne can affect people throughout their lives. It’s no wonder then that people wish to find ways to prevent and treat acne. Acne Prevention Strategies is a site that has been building a following over the last year for dispelling a lot of popular misconceptions about acne, and is now going to war with cosmetic companies.

The site claims that most commercially available treatments are designed only to treat external symptoms and either ignore or actively aggravate the underlying causes of acne, which creates a dependency cycle that companies can profit from.

The site instead gives real advice on how to get rid of acne quickly, including information on the scientific causes – namely bacteria, sebum and hormones- and how diet and cleansing can help. It also identifies and reviews products and treatment options in order to give an honest analysis of their efficacy for those who wish to know how to get rid of pimples in the long term.

A spokesperson for Acne Prevention Strategies explained, “It is a sad truth that many cosmetics companies present themselves as if they are scientific pharmaceutical companies, when in fact they simply aren’t. Many cosmetic acne ‘cures’ simply reduce the outward symptoms while actually encouraging or ignoring the causes. There’s no incentive for these companies to effectively treat acne, because then they would no longer have customers. Bleaching agents and harsh exfoliants damage the skin and make infection that leads to acne more likely, not less. Our site is not only providing real advice to expose this, but also providing effective, natural alternatives.”

About Acne Prevention Strategies
Acne Prevention Strategies is your one stop resource to discover all aspects of acne including causes, treatments and preventative steps. The site has been up for a little over a year, slowly becoming an authority on the net. It addresses how to get rid of all forms of acne and also provides a lot of information on what acne is, what causes it, the pros and cons of the various treatments available today and alternative options. For more information, please visit: