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Acne Treatment Sponsor Nutregena May Soon Be Suing Justin Bieber for Breach of Verbal Contract

Cosmetics giant Nutregena are apparently threatening to sue pop star Justin Bieber for breach of verbal contract, after the singer pulled out of a "done deal" at the last minute.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2013 -- It appears that teen pop sensation Justin Bieber may be about to be sued by US cosmetics firm Nutregena (owned by Johnson & Johnson) for allegedly pulling out of a contract which was a verbally agreed "done deal". The company, famous for their acne creams, are said to be fuming at the loss of a potentially lucrative deal and their legal team are examining the viability of taking action.

A member of Justin’s entourage is alleged to have claimed that the singer felt that associating his name with this brand would be harking back to the "pretty boy" image he is now keen to put behind him. "You can't blame a guy for wanting to be seen as confident and masculine and face cream sponsorship ain't gonna do that for you!"

Here at Acne Treatments Info, we have been unable to get Nutragena to confirm the story. A spokesperson told us: "I am not aware of any disagreement between our company and Mr Bieber. I'm sure he is a very fine artist but, to the best of my knowledge, we have no plans to work with him."

Can someone even be sued for pulling out of a contract? Is there such a thing as a verbal contract? Very much so! Verbal agreements are admissible and binding in court, providing that the aggrieved party can provide enough evidence that such an agreement actually existed.

Image is everything in the music industry and perhaps Mr Bieber's people felt that a company famous for creating acne treatments is not the best partner for an artist who is now keen to be seen as a virile young man, rather than an ex-child-starlet.

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