Website Researches "Little Known" Low-Cost Acne Treatments Specifically for this Recession...Customers Fire Back Glowing Reviews


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2011 -- Acne is a very common skin condition that can be temporarily disfiguring. In general, teenagers seem to be especially susceptible to acne breakouts. Every year, millions of teens head to the dermatologist in a desperate effort to get rid of the pimples and blackheads that—to their embarrassment—often cover much of their face. And, every year, millions of parents develop a case of "sticker shock" when they see the bill for how much their child’s acne treatment is going to cost....Medications, lasers, and light treatments are exorbitantly expensive! teaches consumers how to treat their acne, for around $3-$5 dollars per month.

For the website Acne Treatment One, getting rid of acne does not have to involve a pricey procedure, particularly during tough economic times. Founder Steven Barker of Newport Beach, California said he created his website to offer anyone with acne a variety of thoroughly-researched cheap acne treatments that are not only effective, but are also a welcome option to the many people who have been affected by the recession.

“I’m trying to promote low cost acne treatments that can be found at the grocery store or local health food store,” Barker said. “I put a decent amount of time researching treatments that are proven to work and are extremely low cost.”

For example, a recent post titled “The Recessions Causes ZITS!...Learn About 3 Effective ‘Grocery Store’ Acne Remedies That Cost $3.00 (or less)” looks at hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, and lemon juice—three all-natural, cheap acne treatments that Barker said “can help save your skin from breakouts that can be embarrassing and affect your social life.” In the article, Barker explained why each of these products can help with acne and how each should be applied to the skin.

Other articles on the website look into possible causes of acne. For example, in one post, Barker examined the role chocolate may or may not play in the development of pimples and blackheads and acne breakouts. In another section, he wrote about how a poor diet may or may not lead to skin problems.

There is no charge to use the website, and visitors do not need to sign up or start an account to access the thorough resource guide Barker created for people looking for acne treatment on a budget. He knows that for many, although money is tight, the desire to get rid of acne is just as important as ever. “The site was built specifically for people in the recession,” Barker said.

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