ACoolLink.Com Launches Free Online Directory of Helpful, Unusual and Plain Out-of-This World Websites

Boasting links to everything from animals doing outrageous things to cool art, sports moments and even time-killing wacky websites – is quickly become the web’s hottest links portal.


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2012 -- Following a chance encounter with a wacky website, one Colorado man has compiled what’s believed to be the web’s fastest growing directory of cool links.

Mike Parker was so entertained by finding a website about animal legend ‘Mike the Headless Chicken’ that he decided to build his own online portal – ensuring that web users always have a place to go for an astonishing and entertaining find.

Today, following rapid growth and success, the site boasts thousands of links to a myriad of weird and wonderful topics.

“During the Fall of 2007 I was doing a Google search of my name and found a link to a web site that I had to visit named “Mike the headless chicken.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was funny, strange and TRUE,” Parker explains.

He continues, “Afterwards I was thinking of this strange story and how it was only by luck that I found it. This began my searching for a web site that could take me to all these cool locations. Unable to find such a place, I researched on how to build this needed site. And A Cool Link LLC was born.”

While boasting thousands of links to topics at each end of the ‘normal’ spectrum, the site is neatly organized into an intuitive series of categories. These include Animal Videos, Business, Cool Art, Sports Stuff Videos, Cool Stuff, Cool Technology, Funny Stuff, “How-To” Videos, Life, Earth, Students and Travel.

For example, clicking the Animals link will open the doors to a world of funny links and videos such as dog videos, as well as a host of links to sites containing important and undiscovered information for pet owners.

Those with a thirst for sport videos will enjoy a section dedicated to them. Containing everything from water sports videos to land sports and some of the best sporting moments of glory, hours of fun are to be had by all.

New links are being added frequently, so users are urged to check back every few days and find out what has changed.

Those on the pulse of social media can find updates shared via the website’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

“Our goal is to help you achieve a balance in your life. Knowledge is power…so let’s get stronger together,” Parker concludes.
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