Acosta Law Group Provides Valuable Services to Defend the Rights of All Criminally Accused People


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Acosta Law Group is a team of experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Law Attorneys, committed to protect their clients’ rights in any case of offense or violence. They are committed to do justice for anyone who is criminally accused. With their aggressive, skilled and knowledgeable representation, their clients’ freedom, rights and record will be protected.

Many people feel devastating when they are arrested for any kind of serious crime. Multiple emotions and thoughts, such as anger, regret, fear, uncertainty, etc. may bother them all the time. They want to be sure that their rights are protected. In such a case, these people should not discuss their situation with anyone, even with law enforcement until their attorney present or at least after a consultation with their lawyer.

Acosta Law Group offers their clients a team of the best criminal defense lawyers Chicago that are ready to defend their clients’ rights. In case people get involved in violent crime, white collar crime, sex crime, drug charge, DUI charge, juvenile crimes, traffic or federal criminal defense, whatever the felony is, the top criminal lawyers in Chicago at Acosta Law Group will protect their rights and will offer their clients attention and personalized service.

They have a vast experience in legal litigation and negotiation, examining all the facts of each case. They can identify unlawful seizure, search, involuntary confessions and other violations of the process to build defense in the most compelling way possible, using their knowledge of the law and the facts.

Consequences of committing a felony can be severe and may affect people’s life for years to come. Some of them may include prison, loss of the right to operate or drive a vehicle, penalties and fines, classes, community service, probation, sex offender registration, restraining orders, immigration issues, loss of professional licensing or occupation, financial issues, and much more. That is why they should not take a chance with their destiny, but talk to the best criminal defense attorney in Chicago, who knows how to help them.

Acosta Law Group has more than 40 years of experience in this field and guaranteed that they can defend any case, regardless of how complex it is. Their highly skilled lawyers are prepared even for the most challenging cases. They serve in Chicago region and all the surrounding areas, communities and towns, i.e. Bellwood, Berwyn, Cicero, Evergreen Park, Hillside, La Grange, Lyons, McCook, North Riverside, Oak Park, and Riverside, to name a few.

People, who need criminal defense lawyer free consultation, can find it at Acosta Law Group. In addition, the company offers round-the-clock jail visits in all urgent situations.

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About Acosta Law Group
Acosta Law Group was established by Mr. Alfredo Acosta in 2003 in Berwyn, Illinois. As a result of the great success of the company, in a few years three more offices were opened in the Chicago area, providing customers with exceptional services of criminal defense. The skilled team of attorneys has over 40 years of combined experience, working for cases of all levels of difficulty.