Acoustic Stream Packs Powerhouse Punch for Guitarists


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- Imagine having a tool about half the size of an iPhone allowing a guitarist to record, perform, tune AND monitor environmental conditions for optimal storage! That’s the idea behind Acoustic Stream, , a revolutionary device that attaches to a guitar and syncs with mobile units.

The brainchild of guitarist and CAD software guru Bob Bean started when Bean took his guitar out of its case to find it was cracked in three places.

“Admittedly the winters in New England can be beyond harsh, but I thought the humidifier in the case would protect the guitar. It didn’t. I knew then something needed to be done. Musicians need a better way to protect their investment and the tool of their craft,” he said.

With prototypes for Acoustic Stream musician-tested, Bean decided it is time to take his creation to market. He has launched a Kickstarter Project to introduce his product. His company, Acoustic Stream has been approved for the Apple MFI developer program.

“We have a solid idea, a proven idea and a market need. We just need to refine the product for mass production, set up the manufacturing process and begin taking orders,” Bean said. “Acoustic Stream is something musicians have needed for a long time and now, with crowdfunding help, it will be a reality.”

Monitoring rapid temperature and humidity changes are essential for protection of quality instruments.

“Both of these can be fatal for a guitar, as I found out,” Bean said. “If you have that perfect guitar that delivers the perfect sound, then you need to protect it. Acoustic Stream lets you keep a close eye on your instrument. If things start changing, you can step in and do what’s necessary to correct the environment.”

Wireless musical functions allow instant recording. A musician himself, Bean knows inspiration can strike anywhere at any time. Music must be captured quickly or it may be lost forever.

The precision tuning feature is a convenience, always at the ready, to help a musician sound his best.

Acoustic Stream works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Air and iPod Touch 5th generation. Future iOS updates will be supported as Apple brings them out.

The Kickstarter campaign has several funding levels beginning at $19. Those contributing at this level may download music from the Kickstarter video along with plenty of thanks.

Moving up two levels will purchase an Acoustic Stream at half price, along with 10 guitar picks and music downloads.

At the top contribution level of $3,000, the backer is designated a beta tester and will receive two devices with adapters and other items listed in lower levels.

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About Acoustic Stream
Acoustic Stream is small electronic device, which attaches to a guitar or other instrument allowing a musician to monitor storage conditions as well as record and play music and tune the guitar. Acoustic Stream can also be found on Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.