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Foam Factory Acoustic Foam Proven Effective and Fire Retardant

Independent testing discredits statements denigrating the performance of the foam


Clinton Township, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2012 -- After commissioning independent third-party testing, Foam Factory announces that their acoustic foam line has achieved acoustical performance ratings that measure greater than or similar to those of leading competitors. This finding by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories comes in the wake of misleading claims that Foam Factory’s acoustic foam was underperforming or ineffective compared to other brands of acoustic foam. Click on the link for more information on acoustical foam.

Additional third-party evaluations from Commercial Testing Company also concluded that Foam Factory’s acoustic foam is fire retardant, debunking another claim that has surfaced on the Internet. In fact, the polyurethane acoustic foam manufactured by Foam Factory has been awarded the highest Class 1/A fire retardancy rating. Given the substantial number of electronic components present in recording studios and sound mixing spaces, it is vital that high-quality acoustic foam also be fire retardant. Click on the link for information on seats and cushions.

Acoustic foam is used to improve the sound quality of areas like mixing stations, listening rooms, and recording studios by increasing clarity and reducing reflections and echoes. Foam Factory offers many different acoustical foam products, all meeting high performance, safety, and quality standards. Click on the link for information on packaging foam.

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