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Acro Media Inc. Highlights Web Design Trends Expected in 2014

Scrolling Sites and Simplified Content Are Two Trends Businesses Should Examine


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- 2014 has arrived, and the new year likely heralds many changes to Web Design Vancouver. Experts predict simple color schemes will make a comeback, designers will experiment with various types of typography to make sites unique and videos will become more commonplace. "Certain trends tend to lend themselves to one type of site or another, yet some trends work with any website, such as scrolling sites, and many companies are expected to adopt this technique with the help of a Vancouver web development firm," Shae Inglis of Acro Media Inc. declares.

Scrolling sites continue to be a trend Kelowna Web Design firms turn to in an effort to impart more information to consumers without making them feel overwhelmed. Thanks to responsive web design and increased white space, designers find this technique is being used more frequently in a wide variety of sites. "The benefit of long scrolling sites lies in the fact that the user often doesn't realize how much information they are taking in, and they tend to stay on the site longer. The web design firm uses techniques, such as changing layouts, to ensure this is the case," Inglis explains.

In addition to scrolling sites, experts believe simplified content will dominate in 2014, with websites limiting text areas to 250 characters or less. Making this change allows site visitors to scan the page and identify those areas they wish to explore further quickly and easily. "Internet users tend to have an attention span of approximately eight seconds, and website owners need to remember this when designing a site. With short easy blocks of text, the visitor can quickly find what he or she is looking for, click on a link and go straight to that information. The ease of doing so will have the visitor coming back in the future when additional details are needed," Inglis points out.

Web design techniques continuously change as do the tastes of consumers. "Every business needs to reevaluate their website design on a regular basis to ensure it meets the needs of their target audience. Doing so allows a business to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world," Inglis proclaims.

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