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Acro Media Inc. Launches Increased Efforts to Help Companies Improve Their Web Design

Specialists In Online Marketing Emphasize Significance Of Proper Technique Use


Kelowna, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- Statistics from the marketing industry reveal 70 percent of small business owners have taken classes on Search Engine Optimization in an attempt to improve their online presence on their own while only 47 percent of those are seeing any actual results from such ventures. In fact, less than 13 percent of entrepreneurs who create their own websites and marketing campaigns are confident they are using the tactics they learned correctly. In light of these figures, Acro Media Inc. has launched increased efforts to help the remaining 87 percent who still need assistance with improving various elements of their website design.

Shae Inglis of Acro Media Inc. confirmed, "At this point, everyone who owns a business knows the importance of a strong online presence, but few are seeing the results they hoped for from their current SEO strategies. Those who are seeing results often feel they are spending more on their web design than they seem to be getting in return. We can help them with any aspect of their search engine marketing; whether they need to start from scratch or simply need advice on updating their content a little more easily, we can offer a solution."

Though creating a showy website helps attract visitors, there are a number of other key elements involved in actually converting those visitors to customers. While more than half of the websites currently available seem to have the right factors in place, their owners admit those sites take an average of 6.5 seconds to load. Users report they generally leave a site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load, increasing the bounce rate more than 100 percent for those sites that leave them waiting. Inglis noted companies experiencing this type of situation are wasting their time and money on design, leaving them with a poor return on investment; however, Acro Media Inc. has been known to help such companies increase their ROI by more than 100 percent.

Posting eye catching display ads on other websites popular among a company's targeted demographic can greatly increase a business's traffic and conversion rate. Inglis mentioned Acro Media excels at creating display ads, as well as individualized plans for implementing them. Relevant, effective keyword and key phrase use continues to hold significance in the SEO world, but even their arrangement can increase search engine ranking by a considerable margin.

Concluded Inglis, "The importance of SEO is no secret, but effective techniques still seem to elude countless business owners. As the #1 site for web design, we can increase their ROI more than they probably imagine possible. With the right combination of impressive images on their website as well as others, appropriate content strategically placed to create numerous links to and from their site, the right amount of specifically targeted social media exposure and other factors in place, we can help them create the rankings they are striving for. Potential clients are encouraged to visit to see what we can do for them."

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In the web development business for more than 14 years, Acro Media Inc. has learned highly effective and proven SEO strategies. They consider each client on an individual basis, realizing web design and online marketing is not a one size fits all concept. In addition to helping clients improve their online presence, they stay on top of the latest transformations to ensure their clients not only achieve top ranking status, but maintain that standing as well.