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Acro Media Inc. Releases Ebook Detailing Principles of Online Success

Successful businesses use these principles on a daily basis to move forward


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, Canadians use the Internet more than individuals anywhere else in the world, spending an average of 45.6 hours on the Internet each month. The world average comes in at only 24.4 hours. In addition, Canadians watch more videos online than others do, with the average person viewing 300 videos in this time period. "Web designers need to take information such as this into account when creating a website for a business and choose a company specializing in Web Development for Calgary that has the skills to create a website meeting the needs of Canadian consumers,” Shae Inglis of Acro Media Inc. explains.

Acro Media doesn't just focus on web design either as they understand a website is only one portion of a business. Although the website may be a consumer's first introduction to the business, the site must offer certain things to turn visitors into prospects. In addition, a company needs to understand what is required if one wishes to become a market leader. "Web Design? - We got you covered here and in numerous other areas. Acro Media Inc. created the ebook "The 8 Principles of Online Success" to help clients achieve their dreams by increasing conversion rates, among other things. Thanks to the amount of time Canadians are spending online, the average website is likely being seen. It's what one does once the visitors arrive that is important and that's where Acro Media comes in," Inglis continues.

Acro Media Inc. wants clients to understand that Web Development for Calgary remains important as one cannot overlook the importance of web design that meets the needs of clients and has them staying with the site long enough to improve conversion rates. Turn to Web Design Kelowna - The only Local place for assistance in creating a web site, improving conversion rates, reducing bounce rates, and more. As Inglis explains, each client has his or her own unique needs and Acro Media Inc. strives to meet those needs whenever possible. Custom web design solutions, content management, online marketing, and strategy and planning are just a few services one may request from Acro Media Inc. to fulfill their company objectives.

About Acro Media Inc.
Acro Media stands out from other web design companies in that they listen to what clients say, before discussing business goals, as this is what is important. The company strives to earn the trust of clients by understanding what current issues the client is facing and the goals to be achieved. This requires asking questions of the client and listening to ensure all parties are on the same page. Goals and objectives are then addressed through strategic planning, online marketing, ongoing services and creative web design with the goal being for the client to enjoy the experience from start to finish.