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Acro Media Inc Showcases the Importance of Creative Design


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- Most companies don't grasp the importance of creative design when it comes to their website. If a website bring in traffic, many companies feel no changes need to be made. "Websites follow trends just as fashion and hairstyles do. Customers need to pay attention to these trends and make changes as needed," Shae Inglis explains.

SEO experts in Vancouver follow these trends and assist customers in updating their site to reflect these trends and generate better returns. Website design involves more than setting up a site and forgetting about it unless an issue arises. "Clients need to understand that the site design may not actually be the problem. In many cases, it's a matter of the site not adequately presenting the information or presenting the information in such a way that the users can't follow a logical path to get from one portion of the site to another," Shae Inglis continues.

Acro Media Inc not only works with clients to determine where the issues lie, they work with clients to provide updates, support and revisions while offering tools to measure the success of changes made. "Clients who do follow these trends often make the mistake of incorporating a number of changes to the site simultaneously. Website visitors may find these changes confusing and choose to look elsewhere. The key to creative design is knowing what works and why to ensure only those changes which reflect the right image for the company are used," Shae Inglis goes on to say.

"Look to our portfolio of clients to see how it is we excel. Most parents are familiar with Munchkin products, such as the Dora the Explorer sippy cup. Acro Media Inc worked with Munchkin to provide strategy and planning, creative design and content management services to improve their site in every way. Birthday in a Box contacted Acro Media when they found themselves in need of website assistance and the team went to work, providing logo design, search engine optimization and more. Clients come with different needs so Acro Media works to find solutions to the challenges being faced without requiring a package deal be purchased," Shae Inglis states.

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Acro Media Inc differentiates itself from other SEO companies by listening to the customer first, before discussing business goals. In business for more than 14 years, the staff understands that the best way to help a client is to understand in detail what challenges a customer is facing along with the business goals the company wishes to achieve. If any details need to be clarified, the staff asks questions to ensure both parties understand each other. Why choose an SEO company who spends more time talking than listening when Acro Media is waiting to help?