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Acro Media Offering Custom Websites to Replace Outdated Template Websites


Kelowna, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- According to statistics released recently, the once popular free websites and templates utilized by small businesses and individuals have seen a decline in users during the last five years. According to Shae Inglis, spokesperson for Vancouver Internet marketing company Acro Media Inc, this trend is now going toward custom websites, instead.

Says Inglis, "Businesses need more than just a presence these days with their websites. They need a site generating income and one with a clear purpose for its visitors. A website should be a salesman for your company, not just a brochure. With custom websites, a company's vision is clear and customers know exactly what they need to do to purchase the goods or services."

Inglis says many businessmen assume the problem is in the design, but that's not always the case. Says Inglis, " The problem may not be in the design, but in the site’s inadequate presentation of information, its unclear user paths or its inability to generate leads. Make sure you and the agency openly discuss the rationale behind the requirement for a new design. A good agency will offer solutions that best address your business aims."

Inglis continues, "Web design companies in Vancouver should hold themselves accountable for any claims they make regarding what the new design will achieve. How and what will they measure? How frequently will they report? What performance aspects may be tracked in the website analytics? Answers to these will distinguish the agencies that really care about your business from those simply looking for a quick sale."

Inglis gives the following questions to business owners as a way to judge web designers. "What platform do they recommend that best enables your site to achieve your business goals? Upon what findings and understandings are their recommendations based? What support and marketing services do they offer in order to grow your online business? By asking the right questions, you set yourself up for success with your website, making it a money-making tool instead of just a window to your business."

"The old templates had their place early on in Internet marketing, but now, a company wanting to succeed needs to keep up with the competition and make their websites fully functional. This type of advanced design simply can't be done utilizing a template website. Your whole SEO marketing is based on links coming back to your website. A business owner has to think about what image he wants to present." Inglis explains.

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