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Acro Media Unrolls Small Business Solutions to SEO Problems

Digital Marketing Firm Provides Arsenal of Tools To Increase ROI and Increase Traffic


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Industry statistics report 100 billion searches every month on Google or 3.3 billion a day. The undisputed king of search engines, Google rankings mean everything to businesses, small and large. However, smaller businesses are especially struggling to have their listings seen by the masses. With this in mind, Shae Inglis, spokesperson for Acro Media, recently announced an SEO Vancouver local marketing campaign aimed at helping small businesses in the area obtain more leads and a higher conversion rate.

Says Ingliss, "We can't guarantee customers they'll be the #1 site on a Google search within a week, however, we can set their sights on it and work to make it a reality. With our small business services, we take the frustration out of search engine optimazation. There are a lot of business owners out there with similar headaches. Maybe the business is not getting the results expected, or maybe it's not getting results at all. Maybe good things are happening, but it’s costing way too much. Many business owners thought that the spending would stop once their web design was finished, but that's simply not the case."

In light of this, Acro Media now offers custom web design services, online marketing, social media to target specific markets, custom e-commerce solutions and smart phone apps and mobile sites. Inglisss confirms, "There are lots of things that can contribute to a site’s ineffectiveness, but often the key factor is ineffective Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM and all its fixings is a cornerstone of site performance. Business owners may have a beautiful web design, but if it doesn’t capitalize on Internet marketing, you’ve got a problem."

The digital marketing company offers an arsenal of services to conquer any online challenge, says Ingliss. "We sit down and discuss each business' situation individually, helping them in the areas they need it most. For some businesses, it's a matter of being baffled by online marketing and really having no idea where to start. For others, it's a more advanced issue, like converting their existing website to a mobile one or creating an app for increased traffic. We believe a good agency will collaborate with you, get to know your business, and help you make strategic marketing decisions when it comes to SEM. We aim to be that business with all of our offerings to the small local business."

Ingliss concludes, "At Acro Media, we will always strive to keep all our clients ahead of the curve, in a world of constant changes. We tie a return on investment (ROI) value to the campaign, and justify the SEM spend needed to generate that ROI. Together with you, the agency explores SEM’s full potential for increasing your online effectiveness."

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