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Acronis Releases Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac

Acronis Releases Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac A Comparison with Paragon Volume Snapshot for Mac OS X


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Acronis Releases Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac

A Comparison with Paragon Volume Snapshot for Mac OS X

Acronis has launched a new and elaborate version of their famous application – Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac, to help the increasing number of Mac based PC users, who are facing a critical problem of integrating their device with the Windows based backup and disaster recovery strategy. By combining ExtremeZ-IP, and Acronis Backup and Recovery, now they can easily defend the problem of unexpected data loss much easily than ever before.

As part of the “bring your own device” business strategy, most of the corporate IT organizations are forcing their employees to work on their own devices. A good percentage of the employees are used with the Mac devices, as they are attracted by the rich user abilities and ease of use of the Mac books; they are bringing their Apple laptops to the offices and use them to work.

The ever growing number of machines with Mac OS X, the IT companies is facing a complex challenge- how to integrate these machines with their windows based backup and disaster recovery strategy. For the IT enterprises, it is very important to make sure that the data is protected in physical, virtual and cloud environments, and is available and accessible; thereby making the integration of Mac with the Windows based back up, a crucial element in their business.

The current situation has forced them to take more effort to encompass a broader strategy for comprehensive and secure data protection by moving beyond the traditional backup and disaster recovery. And Acronis has came up with the best solution to free the entrepreneurs from this headache, as their new software can handle all these issues more effectively and efficiently.

An overview of Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac

Acronis Backup and Recovery is suitable for all type of users including Medium and large enterprise, small business, home and office etc. It will provide the users with a unique ability to integrate Apple Mac machines into a centralized Windows based backup and disaster recovery setup.

The enterprises can enjoy many benefits by the use of Apple products, including reduced lifecycle cost and more satisfied employees with improved productivity but, it is a real challenge for the IT organizations to integrate Macs into the existing Windows based server environment.

The ExtremeZ-IP helps to address this problem by providing simple and quick support, and integration of the Macs into Windows server environments. It helps the users to perform backups directly into a Windows server safely and securely, by utilizing the in-built Time Machine backup feature of the Mac OS.

The users can use these network based backups at any time to the restoration of anything from single file to the entire data of their Mac computer. Acronis Backup and Recovery enable the standard enterprise backup routine to include ExtremeZ-IP server’s Time Machine client backup to provide a complete disaster recovery for the Windows server and time machine backup data. The Time Machine backups of Macs will be stored in the Time Machine server, and will be protected by Acronis software. In short, Acronis Backup and recovery along with ExtremeZ-IP can provide an end-to-end solution for complete data protection for the Mac users.

Features of Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac

The ExtremeZ-IP provides flawless integration of Mac based machines into environments powered by Windows servers and Active directory. It also allows the Time Machine, the OS X backup tool to use the file server as a central store for the OS X archives. Acronis Backup & Recovery uses ExtremeZ-IP and Time Machine to backup the OS X systems into Windows enterprise environment, and ensures the integration of Time Machine vaults into the disaster recovery solution with the central corporate backup strategy. The Arconis backup and recovery allows the user to secure Time Machine vaults for disaster recovery in disc, tape, SAN and/or in the cloud.

Advantages of Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac

The Mac reference architecture of the Acronis backup helps the IT organizations to start the integration of Mac machines in comparatively less time and effort. It includes all the required components to address the challenges in backing up Mac machines, in its server bundle. It ensures automatic backup of multiple Mac OS X systems into a central Windows share and eliminate single point of failure by backup of the data to vaults on tape, disc or cloud. It also features integration of Mac backups into corporate recovery solution and de-duplication of backup data.

Time machine servers can be backed up in any storage medium supported by Acronis backup and recovery, and can be used for disaster recovery purpose in the future. The storage of Time machine backups in the clouds can help in long term data archiving and retention based on the corporate rules. The backup using the Acronis is very flexible and it gives the user the ability to choose media from discs, files and system images. The user can include or exclude anything by simply checking or un-checking the files to be added to the backup using the agent.


Acronis backup and recovery is a very fast, powerful and flexible backup program. It runs immediately after installation and is possible to run backups at any time. It can be scheduled to run periodically according to the user’s convenience. It always performs well in creating and restoring data with central management. It features scheduling, iSCSI device support, tape drive support, password protection and de-duplication.

When properly configured, Acronis backup and recovery will protect the whole ExtremeZ-IP file servers used for the backup of Time Machine. You can easily recover it using the bare-metal recovery feature of this software, in the event of a machine failure. The dissimilar hardware recovery feature is very useful when the user want to recover data on a different machine.


The Acronis Backup and Recovery for Mac is one of the sophisticated software of its kind, but it is not intended for light use and it is more suitable to experts than for small business or consumers. The complex and confusing user interface can cause problems to some users, who are not familiar with the advanced setups. Also, some options in this software modify standard disc structures

The Acronis products and services are available in more than ninety countries and have more than 175,000 satisfied customers in a broad range of industries worldwide. The Acronis Backup & Recovery for Mac is yet another successful application which is widely accepted by a variety of customers as the best solution for their data backup and disaster recovery.

Similar Applications:

There are a number of backup and restore software available today and Paragon Volume Snapshot for Mac OS X is one of them, which can compete Arconis Backup and Restore in functionality and performance.

Paragon Volume Snapshot for Mac OS X

The Paragon Volume Snapshot for Mac OS X is a backup solution that can help the user to restore everything back into their system when a disaster strikes. It will create an exact point-in-time copy of all the data and system, which will enable a full system recovery in a few minutes. When compared to other file-level backup utilities, the Paragon Snapshot is very fast and has good restore capabilities.

The Paragon Volume Snapshot can backup running applications and locked system files, and in the event of a system failure, there no need to reinstall the entire system, all you need is to boot from the Mac OS X install DVD and launch the restore operation. This makes the restore process very simple and saves precious time when compared to other applications.

Comparison between Arconis Backup and Recovery and Paragon Volume Snapshot

Arconis backup and recovery seem to be a good and solid solution for disaster recovery especially for large customers. Its unique reference architecture is the perfect match for deploying between one and many Mac workstations and laptops in the IT environments.

The Paragon is also appeared to perform almost all the functions of Acronis backup for a comparatively lesser cost but, the facility of Acronis to boot into restore partition is not found in this software.

About Acronis
Acronis is the overall leader in the backup and restore field, but it is not comfortable for the light users. To use the Acronis software more effectively, the user should have a better understanding of the user manual and gain some practical know-how is very important to ensure the proper working of the system. And, once you have earned the required knowledge, you can enjoy the power of the most sophisticated Mac backup system available in the world. Founded in the year 2000, Acronis has grown to be one of the respected companies in the world that provide complete backup and data restore solutions to both small and large scale users. Their latest product lineup includes many acclaimed applications such as True Image 2013, NEW! Server Cloud Backup, Migrate Easy, Acronis Drive Monitor, Backup & Recovery 11.5 Advanced Platform, Disk Director 11 Advanced Workstation, Disk Director 11 Advanced Server, Snap Deploy 4 and so on.

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