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Acting Schools Guide Launches Website to Help Potential Actors Achieve Success

Education and Networking Are Key to Making It in This Competitive Business


Troy, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Getting a job in a film, television show or commercial requires more than just talent. Networking and a good education play a role in who is selected for roles in various productions. With the right training and connections, your chances of success in your chosen field go up significantly, according to Jay Mully of Acting Schools Guide.

Producers and directors look at a resume and one thing that stands out is the acting school attended. Branding plays a large role in this as professionals in the industry are familiar with big name schools and what they have to offer. "Any actor who hasn't attended a top acting school though shouldn't despair," Mr Mully explains. "Having the right connections goes a long way to getting the desired roles, no matter which school is selected."

"Knowing what to look for in an acting school plays a role in success also. Good acting classes make participants feel safe so they can concentrate on learning and the instructors play a large role in this. Choose a school where the acting coaches actually teach. Sadly some are only in the business to be worshipped by others. If this is the case, it is best to continue looking."

Often, students looking to act make a major move to a city such as Los Angeles or New York City. Good acting schools exist in all parts of the country so actors should stay close to home until some experience has been gained as this builds confidence. Once an actor has more confidence, he or she can then move to a bigger school for more training.

"Take time to research the school and learn from others who have attended the institution," Mr. Mully continues. "When doing this research, certain names will come up again and again in actor forums and other locations. Students can learn a great deal about a school when doing this research. Price shouldn't be the deciding factor either. Some inexpensive schools offer a great education while some high priced institutions are a waste of money. Factor all into the decision when choosing an acting school."

Acting Schools Guide offers information on schools throughout the country, how to become an actor and more. Learn about casting workshops to obtain feedback and network with others or read up on the latest in actor and actress news. Acting terms are covered on the site also. "The goal of Acting Schools Guide is to provide the information up and coming actors and actresses want and need to succeed in their chosen field," Mr. Mully states.

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