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Acting Students Across the Country Recognize Hollywood Coach Brad Heller as a Leading Figure in the Industry

The Heller Approach Gives Aspiring Actors One of the Best Acting Studio Experiences in the Nation


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2017 -- The Heller Approach Acting Studios is a world-class acting studio based in Burbank, CA that offers a different angle to learning acting. Unlike the well-known method style of acting, Heller Approach teaches both beginning and highly experienced actors how to hone their craft using a technique originally laid out by Don Richardson. As a mentor to Brad Heller, Don Richardson's ideas have shaped The Heller Approach's many students of the present day and recent past but were also the basis for greats in more distant history such as Spencer Tracy and Anne Bancroft.

As a whole new breed of actors make their mark on the world utilizing The Heller Approach, students reflect on the way Brad Heller has shaped their career or their first venture into acting and what it means for their own future.

"Since I started Brad's class I feel that I have come across a technique that works for me. I highly recommend classes with Brad Heller!" shared Tyler Blackburn who stars in the ABC hit show Pretty Little Liars.

Brittany Finamore of Glee, Cory in the House, Ghost Whisperer, and Another World added, "The Heller Approach is so refreshing compared to other classes I've taken. In my very first session with Brad, I had a moment of clarity and I knew right away what needed to be changed in the scene we were working on. I love the idea of not having to be beaten down and broken to be a good actor. You can still give a great performance and have fun with it!"

From one-on-one to group classes all the way to Skype sessions and seminars, Brad has a special knack for connecting with each and every one of his students in a profound and lasting way.

"I've trained with many acting coaches in both NY and LA, and I have never felt as confident going into an audition as I have after working with Brad," shared Natalie Distler who has acted as a regular for seven years on the hit show Rescue Me as the daughter of Dennis Leary. "He taught me how to be more present and in the moment. Brad is a wonderful teacher that truly cares and knows what he is talking about. The call back today went so great! I felt a million times better about it once I worked on it with Brad! Looking forward to class on Thursday!"

One thing all of Brad's students can agree on is their appreciation of his dedication to the craft of acting, the depth of personal attention he brings to each of them, as well as the honesty, sensitivity and intensity he manages to somehow perfectly balance out in a way that truly propels them to be at the top of their game. As Lauriane T. Gillieron (Miss Switzerland and runner-up Miss Universe, Rules of Engagement, Days of Our Lives) put it: "Passionate and motivating. Brad Heller opened up a new world of acting … painless and fearless."
As a regularly booking actor himself, Heller relates to not only the challenges of acting on stage, but also maneuvering through the industry as well and the idea of always being prepared for a call.

The Heller Approach is always accepting new students. For more testimonials, information on classes, and more about The Heller Approach, visit their website today.

About The Heller Approach
From Tyler Blackburn and Natalie Distler to David A.R. White and Masi Oka, students of The Heller Approach have successfully created acting careers, and constantly keep their acting tools sharp with the studio. Brad's students have booked series regular, recurring, guest starring, and co-starring roles on hit shows like "Greys Anatomy", "Extant", "Heroes", "Anger Management", "Two And A Half Men", and "Mike And Molly". They have also starred in major Studio Films and Broadway theatre productions as well as and hundreds of commercials. Brad has also taught many professional comedians how to take their comedy and put it into a believable character ultimately leading to sit-com work.