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Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Boat Preparation Guide Sailboats

Remove the mast. We recommend removing all shrouds and backstays as well as forestay and furler. These will cause damage to the softer metals of the mast from vibration during transport. We will not be responsible for any damage to mast by owner shipping with shrouds and stays on or improperly packed.

Coil all stays and zip tie or secure with appropriate fastener and place on pallet. Coil and tape all wiring and place into bottom end of mast. Removal of bow pulpits, stanchions and stern pulpits may be required to meet height requirement.

Secure all personal property and related boat equipment below decks Be sure to remove anything of significant value. i.e. artwork, jewelry, etc, and dog all hatches down, place a lock on companionway. We will not be responsible for items below deck that are not properly packed and secured as this is the owner's responsibility.

Have the marina pressure wash the bottom and make sure all marine life is removed from bottom and in all through hull fittings. This is a must! Have all canvas off of boat and stowed, bimini or dodger bows strapped down and secured. All loose items must be off of the deck.

Power Boats
Depending on the size of the boat, fly bridges and radar arches may need to come down. Remove radar masts and related components to meet height requirements when loaded.

Secure personal belongings and boat related equipment below deck. We will not be liable for items stowed & secured below decks as this is the owner's responsibility. Dog down all hatches and tape windows that might open (we suggest that use shrink tape for this).
One may have to remove props for clearance on trailer, If so pad them generously with carpet and stow securely in a below decks area like engine room or lazerette. Remember to put nuts on shafts and make sure there is a cotter pin in place so they don't vibrate off.

Remove anything of significant value, i.e. artwork, jewelry, etc. Have the marina power wash the bottom and make sure all marine life is removed from bottom and in all through hulls.

Remove any large quantities of fuel leaving just enough for moving the boat to and from the travel lift slip. Have all canvas off the boat and stowed, shrink wrap the helm area to protect instruments and any fixed electronics, Please remove and stow all bracket mounted electronics.

Remove all loose items from deck. If the boat is to be shrink wrapped please understand that we cannot guaranty that it will stay on during transit, It may tear and come off during the shipment, The drivers do carry equipment on board to make repairs to it but should it become unrepairable it will have to be removed to keep it from doing damage or littering the highways. If this is the case there will be an extra charge for time and disposal of the damaged shrink wrap. Pad all items that have been removed for storage or placement on the trailer.

Boats on Trailers or Cradles
If one wishes to transport the boat with a cradle it may have to be loaded separately so as not to make an over height load. We can usually accommodate this if the boat is small enough, However, if transporting a large boat the cradle may have to ship on a separate truck. This will significantly increase the cost to them may want to look to purchasing a cradle at the destination and selling the one currently have.

Most small boats can be shipped directly on their cradle but it is the owner's responsibility to make sure it is in suitable condition to do so, i.e. no cracks or broken parts and should have adequate padding for the hull as well as some strap attachment brackets to secure the boat to the cradle

Multi Boat Loads
For parties interested in moving several boats we can sometimes accommodate multi boat moves, However this is done on an individual quote basis, Please feel free to call us and discuss the needs.

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