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Check tires for wear, dry rot and proper tire inflation pressure and be sure the tread is sufficient and that there are no cracks, bubbles or gouges in the rubber. If the tires are dry rotted, replace them. Old tires are tired, so replace them and avoid a costly and dangerous blowout


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- A spare tire is required.

Remove wheels and hubs; inspect hubs for wear and rough surfaces, turn drums if necessary.

Service or replace the wheel bearings. Many breakdowns occur due to neglect in this area. If the bearings have not been maintained on a strict schedule or it has been more than 6 months since they were last checked, please have this professionally done. Travel builds up tremendous heat in bearings that have not been properly maintained, easily causing their failure. Bearings exposed to salt water are especially vulnerable. Remove bearings; inspect bearings 7 races for wear. If one replace bearings, also replace races and seals. If bearings are OK, repack and install new seals.

Trailers with surge breaks: inspect brakes and hubs for wear, replace brakes and turn hubs if necessary, also check brake fluid level.

Check springs, shackles and bushings for wear and corrosion, replace as necessary.

Remember, salt water will destroy trailer wheels, springs and axels if not properly rinsed after each use in salt water.

Check all lights, plug must be in good condition, turn signals and brake lights must work properly, all marker lights must work properly, repair or replace as necessary.

Check the lighting system for proper operation and make sure wires are in good condition. If repairs need to be made, have them done well in advance of the pickup date.

This work should be done by a professional or someone very knowledgeable on trailers.

Please take the time to make trailer TRULY ROADWORTHY. It is much more expensive if one break down on the Interstate.

Boat and Yacht Transport Company cannot be responsible for trailer if it is not in excellent condition. Pease do not ask them to transport a boat on a trailer that is not fit for travel. They cannot afford to jeopardize their safety or equipment, or boat. One will be responsible for any repairs, damage or problems caused by trailer. Unnecessary breakdowns are far more costly than routine maintenance.

HOW TO PREPARE FOR A MARINE SURVEY: Time and additional expense can be saved by preparing the vessel for inspection and making her more accessible.

Arrange to present a clean, shipshape boat, and have all papers and miscellaneous gear ready. If applicable, one will need to make arrangements with the marina to haul the vessel for bottom inspection, and retain a captain for sea trials. Lockers and cabin areas should be cleared of all miscellaneous gear.

The surveyor should never be asked to prepare a boat for inspection. The surveyor may request minor dismantling of interior ceilings, headliners, flooring, etc. in order to gain access to the suspected areas. Random removal and examination of below-the-waterline fasteners on wood boats may be required. Any dismantling and re-installation of parts should be performed by qualified personnel and is the responsibility of the person ordering the survey.

Written authorization from the owner may be needed to board and/or to remove part of the vessel the vessel.

Once one retain the Surveyor, he or she works only for one and reports to no one else. The Surveyor is there to protect interest.

Marine Yacht Surveying does NOT "pass" or "fail" vessels. The findings are reported, basic recommendations are given, and an opinion as to the "Fair Market Value" of the vessel is stated. As a buyer only one can determine whether the vessel meets requirements based on our report.

Marine Yacht Surveying does NOT make insurance or financing decisions. The surveyor reports observations which insurance or financing companies take into consideration to arrive at their decisions.

Marine Yacht Survey Report should include:

- A detailed description of the yacht and its systems.
- Notes on conditions which affect the vessel’s value and suitability for its intended service
- Recommendations regarding safety, necessary repairs and maintenance.
- Estimated current fair market value of the vessel.
- Estimated replacement cost.
- Photographs of the vessel and any unusual features or problems.

Boat Trailer Maintenance
Trailer hubs and lights get dunked twice every time you go boating. You need to pamper them as you would the boat- this is an essential element of boat trailer maintenance. Do an occasional inspection by popping off the cap with a screwdriver. If the bearings are dry, add grease. It's simple. Conduct routine maintenance by having a friend or family member occasionally stand behind the trailer and make sure the brake lights, taillights and turn signals are in good working order. As with the boat, a thorough freshwater wash down of the trailer after each use will extend the life of the hubs and lights. It's also a great boat maintenance idea to invest in a spare wheel, just in case.

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