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Action Marine Discusses PREPARING BOAT for TRANSPORT

Moving the boat to many is very similar to moving a member of the family.


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Moving the boat to many is very similar to moving a member of the family. It requires lot of planning and cost. All the things that can go wrong have to be taken care of otherwise the whole journey can prove to be a disaster.

Moving the boat to many is very similar to moving a member of the family. Yet, many people don't take the time to do their proper due diligence in selecting a transport company. Furthermore, never has the saying "one get what one paid for" held more water then in this business. In the end, one are the one spending the money. Still, here are a few tips and ideas we'd like to share with one about selecting who will move the boat for one.If one buy a boat from a marina or boat broker, they may know of a local carrier in the area who could transport the boat. Action Marine gets many referrals this way. However, keep in mind that the boat broker or marina and the carrier MAY have an "agreement" where the broker gets a "kick back" from the recommended carrier if one agree to use them. Action Marine does not participate in any agreements such as this. Instead, we work to give our customers a positive experience from start to finish and believe that a satisfied customer is the best way to attract new business.When checking out potential carriers, ask each one for their US DOT number. Ask them for their safety rating, and ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. Even more importantly, ask them how much CARGO INSURANCE they carry and the phone number to their insurance company. Call them! If the boat is worth $250,000 but the potential carrier only has cargo insurance coverage up to $100,000, that is a red flag! If the boat is destroyed during transport, one will pay the difference!

Go to and plug in the DOT number in the "Company Snapshot" link. See if the information the carrier provided to one is confirmed here.Ask a potential carrier to share some pictures of their equipment. As one can see on our gallery page, Action Marine takes a great deal of pride in keeping our equipment looking in top shape. Top-notch equipment is safe equipment, and helps us to keep moving instead of being harassed by DOT officers during the trip. If a carrier sends one a photo of their equipment and one're not sure one like what one see, trust the instincts.Finally, while Action Marine abides by the laws of each state we travel through while transporting the vessel, not all carriers do. If one receive two quotes from two carriers and there is a large discrepancy between them, find out why. Perhaps one carrier is going to try to move the boat without the required escort cars. Escorts are not cheap, but may be required by law. Furthermore, they serve as an "extra set of eyes" and see things the truck driver cannot. An escort could help to prevent damage to the boat before it occurs. Other carriers also may tack on costs to the quote AFTER the boat is loaded, and one have no choice but to pay these extra costs. Action Marine gives one the best rate possible, the first time and we stick to it.While we hope one will always select Hurricane Marine Transport, Inc to move the boat, we nevertheless hope one have a positive experience and that these free tips have been beneficial to one in selecting a carrier.

Proper preparation of the boat for transport requires careful planning and attention to detail. Keep this in mind: If the boat is being moved at 60 miles per hour into a 14 mile per hour head wind, it is experiencing hurricane force conditions.

Boat Trailer Maintenance
Trailer hubs and lights get dunked twice every time one goes boating. We need to pamper them as we would the boat- this is an essential element of boat trailer maintenance. Do an occasional inspection by popping off the cap with a screwdriver. If the bearings are dry, add grease. It's simple. Conduct routine maintenance by having a friend or family member occasionally stand behind the trailer and make sure the brake lights, taillights and turn signals are in good working order. As with the boat, a thorough freshwater wash down of the trailer after each use will extend the life of the hubs and lights. It's also a great boat maintenance idea to invest in a spare wheel, just in case.

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