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Action Wholesale Products Discusses the Difference Between Bolted and All-Welded


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Action Wholesale Products, a leading supplier of quality warehouse racks, commercial shelving, storage racks, industrial racks and other forms of commercial storage, is proud to state that every product the company sells meets one particularly rigorous standard: it is all-welded as opposed to bolted.

There are several reasons why all-welded warehouse shelving pieces at are better than bolt-together ones. From a strength and durability standpoint, there is no doubt that all-welded is much stronger and longer-lasting than bolted frames. Bolt-together units also require considerably more time for assembly which ultimately leads to higher costs for the customer both in manufacture costs and labor costs.

Some companies choose bolt-together frames because they believe that the cost will be significantly less than that of all-welded. In fact, bolted frames started as a way to cut shipping costs. However, this price differential is not the case with Action Wholesale Products. Because of aggressive purchasing strategies, the company is able to offset the higher shipping costs associated with welded frames and bring them to customers at a low price.

Customers who want the very best in industry standard storage racks and pallet racks at can contact Action Wholesale Products to learn about how to find affordable all-welded units including racks, shelving and other storage pieces.

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Action Wholesale Products is a leading supplier of all-welded storage solutions for businesses, warehouses and industries. For the best in storage pieces at affordable prices, business owners turn to Action Wholesale Products.

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