Active Conditioning Class a Hit for Innovative Results Gym


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2016 -- Fitness trends come and go but being able to be fit, do outdoor activities, or perform in a sport never go out of style. For the personal trainers at Innovative Results Gym (IR), their goal is to help clients move better and feel better in whatever they're doing, regardless of how they choose to stay fit. IR boasts the Active Conditioning Class that not only improves basic movement and cardiovascular health, but also relieves stress and encourages fun.

Allex Calvillo, 26, is a Pilates Instructor from Huntington Beach. While she did plan her workouts, she felt that there was "no real purpose." As Calvillo said, "I was working out because I knew I should. I didn't particularly enjoy running alone. Now I'm excited to go to IR: the coaches, the clients, the progressions, fun moves… all of it." The Active Conditioning Class does have "all of it". Headed by award-winning coaches like Co-Owners Corey Beasley and Aaron Guyett, the Active Conditioning Class features creative and effective movements, drills, and intervals that are strategically put together to challenge all muscle groups at one time. The progressions change regularly which means that no one is ever bored. As Calvillo said, "The exercises have helped me better connect and find purpose during my sessions."

Besides variety, the Active Conditioning Class has perfected the group training atmosphere. Rather than a random collection of people who work out on their own with a trainer, the Active Conditioning Class fosters a team environment. As Calvillo said of her experience, "I think with IR, the biggest thing I've gained is a support system, positive people on the same mission I'm on. Whether it be weight loss, forming habits, or loving the gym, I find something in common with almost everyone there in one way or another."

About Innovative Results
Since 2005, Innovative Results has been offering cutting-edge programming that is safe, effective, and fun. IR draws clients from Orange, Riverside, and LA County to experience the trademark IR3 system: mindset, movement, recovery.


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