Active Road Trips Combines Travel with Personal Attention from a Yoga Instructor or Personal Trainer

There's now a healthy way to travel the USA and Canada thanks to Active Road Trips who organize group road trips along with yoga teachers and personal trainers.


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Traveling can now be healthy, exciting and an adventure thanks to Active Road Trips. The company sets up short and long road trips throughout the entire USA and Canada to interesting locations all complete with a yoga instructor or a personal trainer. Seeing North America while staying fit and healthy has never been so easy!

“Our vision is that you can enjoy traveling, but do it in a way that respects a healthy lifestyle,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “With Active Road Trips our clients see exciting destinations, meet people with similar interests and even save money while having a great time. It's a win / win all around.”

Cross-country, Pacific Coast, Southwest, Northeast and National Park focused trips are all offered of varying lengths. Some are short trips while some last as long as 23 days. All are in large comfortable vans and involve sleeping in camps, hotels and hostels during the trips along with collaborative cooking of healthy meals that respect individual diet needs and requirements.

Daily activities with the trainer or yoga instructor are geared towards each individuals fitness level and are entirely optional and no-pressure. The trips are all about enjoyment, exploration and flexibility.

The response from those who have traveled with Active Trips has been incredibly enthusiastic.

Emily P., from Boston, recently said, “Active Trips was perfect for me. I wanted to explore the Northeast with my partner while we both got more into our yoga practice. This is exactly what we did over 8 days and it was really wonderful. Next we want to go cross-country. I full recommend the experience for anyone who wants an active adventure.”

For more information on the company and to explore trip possibilities visit or their very active Facebook page at